2015 NFL Fantasy Playoff Challenge Tip

Now that the NFL Playoffs are finally here, printable 2015 NFL playoff bracket its time to enter NFL PlayOff Challenge.  Picking NFL Playoff Challenge Tip-

#NFLPlayOffChallengeTip: To score the highest points possible- LINK to entire article
Last year 2013 I rode a Bronco but didn't make the 8 seconds needed- My nfl fantasy playoff team of Manning, Moreno, Lynch, Decker, Welker, Thomas, Prater,  and Denver Defense flopped in the Super Bowl and were beat by Seattle.

Who will I pick this year to win the lifetime experience of watching a Super Bowl?  Come back and see after Saturday 1/3/15 or check out my lineup and join the NFL Fantasy Playoff Challenge at: http://playoffchallenge.fantasy.nfl.com/group/80057/join?

Scottys 2014 Fantasy Playoff Challenge Lineup

Scottys Super Bowl Prediction Playoff Bracket

2015 Printable NFL Playoff Bracket
Printable 2015 NFL Playoff Bracket

I accept all challengers to beat my team but be forewarned I was this years 2014 League Champion in Warriors Only I'm on a roll!  

Midwest Mayhem Scottys NFL Fantasy Football Team 2015 Warriors Only League Winner- Warriors Only Fantasy Football League Trophies

Scottys Super Bowl Bracket Scenario
Scottys Super Bowl XLIX Prediction
#NFLPlayOffChallengeTip: To score the highest points possible- LINK to entire article

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Renew Missouri adds Mark Walter as Deputy Director

Hi, my name is Mark Walter, and I'm the Deputy Director for Renew Missouri.

I'm very excited that Scott's Contracting has offered to make allow Renew Missouri to become contributors to the St. Louis Renewable Energy blog.  Before we start making substantive posts regarding our statewide policy efforts in Missouri, I wanted to take some time and explain a bit about who Renew Missouri is, what we do on a daily basis, and how you can get involved.

Founded in 2006 by our Director PJ Wilson, Renew Missouri is a policy organization dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency.  We are guided by our organizations mission:

To transform Missouri into a leading state in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency by 2016.

 Renew Missouri Logo
Mark Walter Deputy Director http://www.renewmo.org/staff.html

We've had some significant successes in the past with the help of our amazing supporters.  In 2007, we passed the Net Metering Act, which allowed renewable energy system owners to connect their systems to the grid and get credit for the energy they create.

Also, we were the political force behind the Renewable Energy Standard ballot initiative in 2008, which mandated that Missouri's investor owned utilities get 15% of their energy from renewable sources by 2021.  The RES passed with a whopping 66% of Missourians in support, and it's the law responsible for all of the solar rebates in our state.

With the advent of the solar industry, Renew Missouri also worked hard to spin off other industry organizations like the Missouri Solar Energy Industry Association (MOSEIA), Missouri Interfaith Power and Light (MO-IPL), to help strengthen the conversation about renewables and energy efficiency.

Unfortunately, we also have to spent a significant amount of time protecting the laws that we helped pass against legal attacks and legislation that would render it useless.  This past year, for example, we took Empire Electric to the Supreme Court for refusing to ever pay solar rebates in their territory.  We haven't heard the verdict from the Justices yet, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for a positive outcome.  You can read more about it here.

We plan to keep working hard to transform the energy landscape in Missouri to be cleaner, more sustainable, and better for the health and welfare of Missouri, but we need your help!  Subscribe to our newsletter on the website, attend our events, volunteer to help out, and donate to the cause!  We look forward to a future when Missouri doesn't rely on $1.6 BILLION of imported coal for its energy needs, and you can help us get there with your support!

Thanks for taking the time, and I look forward to meeting you all in person at a St. Louis event in the future!

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