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Renewable Energy fills Tank vacated by Oil Industry

Motely Fools are Foolish-here is why

I realize this is a oil industry story and the writers promote and own stock in the oil industry but I feel actions mentioned by Motely Fool and their latest article: Crude Price Crash Could Drill a 19 Million-Barrel Hole in Future Supplies.   Is another example of where renewable energy will fill the gap that dirty oil is unable to fill.

Another Example where Renewable Energy fills Tank 

The article states that future oil supplies are in jeopardy because of the lack of drilling ventures being pursued around the world at the present.  Motley Fool implies that due to feasibility issues are the driving force behind the lack of drilling ventures being pursued-regardless of location whether its deep water drilling, tar sand mining, or drilling on land.  Will leave the future world in short supply.

They state that all the big names in the dirty oil business have cancelled or postponed future wells.  Who would have envisioned (Exon, Total, TPH, Statoil) from not continuing the business as usual of harvesting the polluting the World with the dirty oil they take out of the earth.

Using Friday 11.27.2015 NYMEX oil price for January delivery of $41.71 per barrel.  I calculate that 19 million barrels at $41.71 equals close to 800 trillion dollars that dirty oil will not have  [(19,000,000,000 barrels) x ($41.71 NYMEX per barrel)= $792,490,000,000].
Climate Change Demonstrators dressed as Angels with Coal Kills Signs
#COP21 Demonstrators 

The Motely Fools are Foolish

They failed to consider and I don't think they had the forethought to consider how Renewable and Sustainable Energy is primed and will be ready to meet this demand left by the supposed lack of oil reserves.

This is great news for both the Climate of the World and the Future of the Renewable Energy business such as biodiesel, solar, wind, hydrogen, and electricity storage companies.

I'm sure that Tesla Motors is licking their chops at the chance to meet the upcoming demand.

          The Oil Industry and their future in the energy 
business is in serious jeopardy. 
At long last mankind will loosened from the poisonous grip the dirty oil industry has had on the world since the dawn of the industrial age.   
The biggest question is will it be done in time to avoid the devastating effects of climate change.

Intelligent Energy’s CEO, Henri Winand, has today welcomed a landmark declaration, announced at the COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris, which sees a range of global actors from large companies to international organisations committing to increasing the adoption of electric and hydrogen vehicle technology in order to drastically reduce emissions and slow the rate of global warming.

The Paris Declaration on Electro-Mobility and Climate Change & Call to Action brings together individual and collective commitments to increase electro-mobility to levels compatible with a less-than 2-degree pathway. It builds on current successful experiences worldwide and the converging interest of all transport modes for hybrid/electric solutions.

Partners to the Declaration (see table below) commit to broaden their efforts and call for a decisive joint effort towards sustainable transport electrification – including that at least 20% of all road vehicles (cars, 2 and 3-wheelers, trucks, buses and others) are to be electrically powered by 2030.
#COP21 #OursToLose

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Res 37 Toxic Air Bill by Sen J.Inhofe

I am writing you today in vehement opposition to the toxic air bill offered by Senator James Inhofe, S.J. Res 37.

The Online Petition I signed via the Environment Defense Action Fund is listed to follow and emailed to Sen R.Blunt and Sen C.McCaskill.

  • My notes to Dirty Oil Roy Blunt are at the bottom of the Post.

This bill would use the obscure Congressional Review Act to block EPA's new emission standards for hazardous mercury and other toxic air pollution from coal- and oil-fired power plants. If enacted, this bill would also forever prohibit the EPA from adopting substantially similar clean air standards in the future.

These standards, which the 1990 Clean Air Act specifically authorizes, have been in the works for more than two decades. They will prevent up to 11,000 premature deaths every year and protect our kids from dangerous exposure to toxic mercury pollution, which can cause brain damage in infants and young children.

They will also save the American economy tens of billions of dollars in avoided health costs while likely leading to the creation of 117,000 jobs installing pollution control technologies between now and 2015.

Last year, more than 800,000 Americans submitted public comments in support of this rule. But now, a few of America's largest corporate utilities have launched an aggressive campaign to block these standards. And Sen. Inhofe's toxic air bill would do just that.

Please stand up for the health and safety of our kids and communities and reject the Inhofe bill.

Please take action today. Help us stop the Inhofe toxic air bill, which would wipe the EPA's life-saving Mercury and Air Toxics Standards off the books and punch a huge hole through our clean air protections.

My Notes:

Mr Blunt in an email I received yesterday from you.  You wrote:
"Job creators in Missouri tell me that overreaching new regulations coming out of the Environmental Protection Agency are one of the biggest obstacles to getting our economy back on track.  Regulations like these threaten to make the cost of electric power skyrocket for most Americans and will sack families and workers with new costs, reducing their disposal income and ultimately threatening their standard of living."  

I'd like to point out the simple fact that-
"All the jobs in the world won't help when Pollution kills the world."  

As you know here in St Louis- Ameren UE (Union Electric) uses Coal for producing our Electricity.  This pollution from Coal Fired Power Plants is a leading cause of Asthma and Cancer.  WebMD just reported last week that St Louis is Number 7 on the list  of leading cities with Asthma Problems.
"The study also points out that recent statistics indicate asthma causes more than 3,300 deaths annually in the U.S. and is a factor in another 7,000."  
It  would seem to me the more healthy people there are working equals more people paying taxes- ie: Income for the US Government.

If you are serious about creating jobs consider this: Energy Efficiency and Renewable "Non Polluting" Energy.

Steve Kidwell, Ameren Missouri Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, said:

"If we went after the potential that we've seen in our own study,  we wouldn't have to build another power plant for 20 years, and we could retire Meramec, and we'd be OK.  But we'd lose  $30 million a year. And we just can't do that. It's that simple."
 (This was a St Louis Post Dispatch Article that talked about making homes energy efficient through weatherization.)

On another note about Energy Efficiency and Nuclear Energy- I'd like to share this info:
"For 1/2 the cost of replacing one nuclear power plant, we can retrofit 1,600,000 homes for "Energy Efficiency" and create 220,000 new jobs- which is 90 times more jobs than you'd get from a power plant replacement."  
ie: how much taxes that are needed for the USA would come from the 220,000 employees?

So basically I'm asking you to do the right thing and leave the EPA alone as the USA is making strides to curb its energy use which reduces the Pollutants in the Air, Land, and Water.

Through the various reporting agencies on Political Contributions. (1 & 2) I know you receive the bulk of your money from Big Oil, Big Coal, and Big Business.  In the future who will be left to buy their products if the population is killed off from Fossil Fuel Pollution.  I'm not even going to mention the fact that we can reduce our reliance on Foreign Oil (which is the root cause of the ongoing wars in the Middle East.  ie: if they don't have any money they cant fight us).

Thank you, looking forward to your Reply.


Help us stop the Inhofe toxic air bill, which would wipe the EPA's life-saving Mercury and Air Toxics Standards off the books and punch a huge hole through our clean air protections.

Thank you for stopping by St Louis Renewable Energy. Feel free to comment in the section below or contact Scotty for any Home Improvement Projects or Energy Reducing Needs and Scotty, Scotts Contracting will respond ASAP. Company Web Address:

Tracking two important EPA pollution rules

Tracking two important EPA pollution rules

In the past few weeks, new information has become publicly available about two important pending rules from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). One rule would set the first-ever, national standards for greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. Know as the greenhouse gas New Source Performance Standard (GHG NSPS) rule, EPA announced on October 29 that it would undergo further delay before publication. This delay is the third such delay since the GHG NSPS rule was originally due last summer. But this time, the delay is not entirely bad news. Environmental groups and states have agreed to extend the deadline to November 30, 2011. The groups agreed to the delay in a letter sent to the Justice Department and said in the letter that this was reasonable, “In light of the progress made to date.”
EPA proposed another important rule in March of this year. This rule, known as the Mercury and Air Toxics rule or Mercury MACT rule, will set national emission standards for mercury and other hazardous air pollution from coal-fired power plants. EPA also recently announced a new date for finalization of the Mercury MACT rule. Previously, the deadline for the rule was November 16, but EPA now plans to release the final rule on December 16. Once again, this is seen as a generally positive development since it sets a date certain in the very near future. Moreover, utilities and some states were pushing to have the rule delayed by a full year, a proposition that the federal court explicitly rejected.
Mercury emissions from power plants
This minor delay is really a big win against those who are trying to push the rule indefinitely into the future. As currently proposed, the mercury rule will prevent 91 percent of mercury in coal burned at power plants from being released to the air, which will have a significant impact on human health and the environment. Given that the Southeast is home to almost 300 coal units that have collectivelyemitted over 20,000 pounds of mercury into the air in a single year, this rule would be a huge step forward in cleaning up the air and water in numerous states. Meanwhile the GHG NSPS rule would be a crucial first step in reducing our contribution to global climate change.
Together, these two policies represent significant steps forward in protecting human health and the environment. If these minor delays provide EPA with needed time or help to deflect unwarranted criticism, then it is a small price to pay.
Tracking two important EPA pollution rules


MO Sen Roy Blunt votes for Big Oil and Not the Taxpayers

Hold Sen. Roy Blunt accountable for the vote against ending oil subsidies.
Take action!
Clicking here will add your name to this petition to your Senator:
Take action now!
Dear Friend,
Last night, 48 Senators, including Sen. Roy Blunt, put Big Oil before the American people and helped defeat a bill that would have ended tax breaks for the five biggest oil companies.1
How could anyone vote against a bill that would have kept $21 billion of American taxpayers' money out of the pockets of cash-rich oil companies?
One big reason is oil money in our political process. A lot of it. Oil and gas companies spent $39.5 million lobbying congress in just the first quarter of this year,2 and have donated tens of millions of dollars directly to the political campaigns of current Senators, including $697,998 to Sen. Roy Blunt.3
In all, three Democrats joined all but two Senate Republicans to protect Big Oil tax breaks that even a former Shell CEO said weren't needed.4
But make no mistake. Even though we didn't get the 60 votes required for passage, our pressure to end oil subsidies is already working. More and more legislators are acting defensive about their support of Big Oil over the American people.
In February, similar legislation to repeal some oil subsidies got only 44 votes. Yesterday, we got 52 votes. That comes after CREDO Action members sent more than 225,000 petitions to the Senate and made more than 1,000 calls yesterday to 11 key Senators, six of whom flipped their position and voted to end tax breaks to Big Oil.
Senate Majority leader Harry Reid said yesterday that despite this defeat, he will continue to push for ending oil subsides as part of negotiations on the budget and to raise the debt ceiling.5
We need to keep the pressure on. And one key to breaking Big Oil's grasp on our legislators is letting Congress know that we know about the millions of dollars that Big Oil has given them — including the $697,998 to Sen. Roy Blunt.
Let's make sure that voting to protect oil company profits doesn't go unanswered by those of us who actually pay the price.
Thank you for taking action.
Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets
P.S. — Want to find out more about the Big Oil money going to our elected officials? Our friends at the Dirty Energy Money campaign have the scoop. Click here to see how much dirty energy money your Senators and other elected officials have taken.



End Taxpayer Subsidies for Big Oil Companies

You and your fellow Americans have been paying oil companies more than $4 per gallon at the pump this spring. It's outrageous, and it hurts people.
And as if it wasn't bad enough, did you know you're paying oil companies another $4,000,000,000 on top of those sky-high pump prices? It's true.
Today, I helped introduce legislation in the Senate that will take away the $4 billion in subsidies American taxpayers hand to the most profitable corporations in the world -- the big oil companies -- every year, but I need your help to pass it.
Help me pass legislation taking away taxpayer subsidies to oil companies -- click here to sign my petition today.
The top five multi-national oil companies have raked in nearly $1 trillion in profits over the last ten years. They've broken their own records for the most profits several times over.
That kind of money buys a lot of power in Washington, and Big Oil will do everything it can to keep its outrageous taxpayer subsidies.
Unless we shine a light on them.
We need to build citizen support for this legislation to take away oil company subsidies, especially at a time when we're getting gouged at the pump and need every penny we can get to preserve programs and reduce the deficit.
Build citizen support for taking away oil company subsidies. Sign my petition today, and ask your friends and family to sign it, too.
We don't need to be paying oil companies twice. We need to end these subsidies. Thank you for joining with me today.
All the best,

Claire McCaskill
Sign the Petition
Paid for by McCaskill for Missouri 2012

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