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Diatomaceous Earth has Many Uses

There is still one proven Organic Old School method that eliminates insects without the health risks of toxic poisons.  Its nice to know in the Day and Age of Chemicals humans are exposed to:

Insect prevention and treatment can be successful with an Organic Product such as Diatomaceous Earth-Scotty 1/1/20154 years- I estimate there is 2-3 more years left of treatments in the bag-a little goes a long ways
Product Review: Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth Has Many Organic Uses The first time I used Diatomaceous Earth was in 2011 in the Basement of my home-we had a severe Flea Infestation.   Over-the-Counter Sprays and Foggers did not work for us even though we used as directed.  Since the Health of the kids was a concern we searched Google for Organic Flea Killer and learned about Diatomaceous Earth (DM).I learned: DM was affordable, organic, non toxic, food grade bug killer, so I experimented with using it.

Positive Diatomaceous Earth Product Review by ScottyThe product Organically an…