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St Louis Condo Upgrades

Scotty was called in to finish a job after another contractor dropped the ball on this St Louis Condo Project.

Project List and a short video of work done
2 - Switch Operated Ceiling Fans with Decorative Medallions1 - 36 in Pocket Door Kit  Laundry Room2 - 3 Way Hall Lighted Light Switches [Power In at Light]2 - Hallway Lights1 - Laundry Room Switch and Light1 - Condo Door Intercom1 - Hardwired Smoke Detector

Scotty to the rescue: Picking up the ball after a shady contractor left the Client with unfinished project. Pocket Door Install in Laundry Room, 3 way lighted light switch hallway install, 2 switch operated ceiling fan installs with Decorative Medallion,  Intercom System, Laundry Room Switch, next on the list for the  St Louis Condo Owner is new kitchen sink and faucet.

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Modern and Upscale Architectural Staircase Build

Contract Labor Project

 Building Custom Modern Staircases is a small part of a Green Build Renovation Project located in Downtown StLouis Missouri

I consider the design Modern because of the decorative metal spindles and the twist do-dads add flair and upscale feel.  The Dark Stained Oak Wood used in the Treads, Risers, Handrails, and Landings provides this Modern and Upscale architectural design.

See Alignment Tip- Time and Labor saving tips by Scotty  used in Building these Custom Modern Stairs.  I snapped a  few photos to help you build your own custom stairs and for  an example of how the construction tip was used in the  example.  CUSTOM STAIR BUILD TIP METAL BALUSTERS #89764 BY SCOTTY

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Tuckpointing Stage2 Benton Project Warehouse Walls

Tuckpointing- Its not as glamorous as the carpentry aspects of my profession. But it is just as important and since St Louis has so many brick buildings it is a must have skill!

The above photo shows the mortar joints grinded out 1/2in or more deep. This will allow the new mortar pointed into the joints to fully adhere to the brick and give the Masonry Wall another 100+ years of Life!

Read More on the Benton Rehab Stage 2 Construction Project:

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Scotts Contracting-St Louis Renewable Energy Business Locations

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Scotts Contracting St Louis Renewable Energy Home Office Location South Side St Louis
Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy offers the Following Services for Home and Business 

Specializing in Green, Eco Friendly, and Sustainable Building Projects with
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for the St Louis Region
Scotts Contracting has a crew of skilled craftsman that are available and willing to handle your building projects whether its a bath or kitchen remodelmajor rehab for investment property, or the basic home repair project. 
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Water Main Repair-Benton Rehab

A leaking water main can cost a building owner thousands in water bills in St Louis and can cause damage to the Rock Foundation Walls and Footings- which will also cause damage to the buildings Structure.  See Previous Posts on the Benton Project where we repaired the Rock Foundation Wall (where some but not all of the damage was from the Leaking Water Main).  Mr Dale Or of Master Plumber StL speculated that the Water Main had been leaking for 8 years prior to the repair. Note: a water leak left un-repaired is a major cause of a Building Settling over time and distorting the Integrity of the Buildings Structure.

The above photos are of the Water Main Repair of the Benton Rehab Project.  The Water Main Repair was done by: Master Plumber St Louis {Although I did help dig the pit}

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See the Difference a Little White Paint Makes


Repairing Water Damge-Exterior Wall-Benton Project

Our Safety was the first thing in order on this stage of the project.

We ensured this by utilizing the Temporary Support Posts seen in the photo below.   Because the water damage to the: 2x6 Wall Framing, Sheeting; was so severe we used 5 Temporary Support Posts in a 6ft Square Area.  One post held up the Buildings Roof and Overhang; while the remaining were used to hold up the 2nd Floor Floor Joists.
Add Support Posts 5 Total Carefully Remove Water Damaged LumberDig 2 PiersSet Sono Tube and RebarFill with ConcreteAllow to CureFix the 1st Floor Floor Joists and Attach to the New Band Board with Joist HangersBuild the 2x6 Exterior WallRepair the water damaged floor boardsAdd Exterior Sheeting See Upcoming Blog Post on 2nd Floor Framing and Adding Support Beam

In the Photo Below-
What were they thinking? See the Blog Posting by Clicking here.

Directly above the Ladder in the Photo below- notice that there isn't a Support Beam under the 3rd Floor Floor Joists.[Cantilevered Floor Joi…

Paint Pro Tip #35

by Scotty-Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy

*As seen in the following photo: Use an Old T-Shirt to cover the Tank on a toilette bowl before painting for easy clean up. See the Benton Rehab Green Blog Series at: 
* * * I recommend to remove the Tank Lid before placing the T-Shirt around the Tank before painting.  This will alleviate the possibility of breaking an expensive Tank Lid when removing the T-Shirt after painting.

Send your construction tips to scotts contracting and I will gladly post them on this Green Blog.  Build a Green St Louis, Scotty

This Tip was used in the Benton Rehab Project- Total Rehab of a 4 Family Building see the Blog Series via Google + or at

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Benton Gut Rehab Green Blog Series

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Tuckpointing the Attic Walls-Brick Home Rehab Project

As you can see in the following photo you can see daylight through the Brick Wall.  This generally is your first clue that if you do not fix the problem soon-there will soon be structural damage to the Masonry Building. In this article for the Benton Rehab Series I am going to share:
Attic Tuck-pointing Pictures and Information about what to do when the Bricks have completely deteriorated.

As with most of the Older Brick Homes in the St Louis Region.  The Brick Walls in this home are three courses thick.  In this particular area 1 to 1 1/2 of the brick courses had completely deteriorated.  Without relaying the entire brick wall the only way to fix this problem is to fill the missing brick up with mortar and trowel smooth.
In the following photo you can see how I completely sealed the damaged bricks in this area.

When filling large areas in; such as in this photo.  Apply the Tuckpoint Mortar in 1 to 2 in lifts.  Pre moisten area with Hudson Sprayer to allow adequate time for the Mor…