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StL Most Requested Safe Room Features

Safe Room Features

What Features are in your Safe Room?  Has been brought up in my dealing with clients while talking about a safe room for personal safety from extreme events.

Here's some of the things that I found most commonly mentioned:
Toilet, Water, Fridge, Kitchen, Built-ins, First Aid Station, Phone, CB, Internet, Tools, Weapons, Books, Computer, Radio, Power Supply, Food Pantry, Lights...Luckily with today's advancements in the Building Industry you can have all these in your Safe Room.  I'll share a few of my thoughts and build notes on how to incorporate any and all of the above features mentioned above starting with my favorites the Solar Energy Power Supply and Water.
Water is the Must Have in Every Safe Room
                 Most any plumber can route a line into your safe room but what if the local water utilities supply can't meet the needs and you have NO Water better have a backup plan of:  Water Collection, Water Storage, Water Re-Use-all common elements …

Tornado Safe Room Design

With the Rash of Tornadoes caused by the Extreme Weather Conditions we have had recently in the US.  I put together a few Tornado-Hurricane Safe Room Designs and Options.  The first Drawing outlines the basic components of the exterior walls and ceiling for building a safe room in an existing basement using CMU-Concrete Masonry Units generally called Concrete Blocks-Steel Door and Frame, Reinforced Poured Concrete Ceiling.
Complete plans, Design-Build Assistance for adding a Safe Room to your Building contact Scotts Contracting at the Contact Form on the Right or the Web Pageclick here to email and set up a time to discuss your project.
When Building a CMU structure it is highly advisable to add Steel Reinforcement- In the case of building for Tornado or Hurricane Save Rooms substitute No.4 Vertical Rebar for No.5 size rebar. Building the Concrete Ceiling-Structural Reinforcement Suggestions. Build Notes-Hurricane and Tornado-Safe Room Build Suggestions #5 Rebar at 12in MATT-Dowel In…