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Free Webinar-Battery Impedance- Energy Storage Testing

Battery Impedance Testing:  An Insight into a Battery's State of Health
Join Solar Power World and Megger for this free, live webinar on September 6, 2017.

In this webinar, you will learn:
How to Test and Maintain your Flooded Batteries state of Capacity using Impedance, an internal Ohmic testHow to test and trend All connections in the system for maximum efficiency and reliability.How to Observe, Act and Measure your battery string each Month, Quarter and Year to be able to take corrective actions
Your batteries are a critical part of your system, a large monetary expenditure…get the most out of them


Mike Palmer
Western Regional Sales Manager

Kelsey Misbrener
Solar Power World

Solar Eclipse what to expect

Q: So what can I expect to see if I’m in the zone of total eclipse? A: It starts quietly, about 80 minutes before the total phase, with first contact: a small dent appears on the Sun’s right hand limb, growing slowly larger each minute. Source - Solar Eclipse what to expect — Scotty (@StLHandyMan) August 2, 2017
The Moon will continue to advance steadily, reducing the disc of the sun down to a crescent. In those last few minutes before totality, events pile in on each other: an eerie twilight begins to descend, the distant landscape becomes enveloped in a strange grayish pallor; the air temperature may suddenly dip several degrees or more. As totality draws nearer and the sky grows still darker, you might even begin to feel a little nervous, for here is a situation that neither you nor any of the people who might be around you has any control over. Only now can you begin to understand why eclipses both fascinated and terrified ancient p…

Blog de la Révolution Verte !: La révolution verte est en marche avec votre parta...

Our blog of the "green revolution" will bring concrete solutions to make your everyday life more green! Integration into our everyday lives sustainable development involves learning new gestures and new, more sustainable patterns of consumption, and the judgment of consumerism and waste (human and natural resources). We consume on average 35 kg of fish per year, three times more than 60 years and 1/3 of these species is now threatened by overfishing. 

A more reasoned and greener use of the earth's resources will be inevitable (fight against the acidification of oceans and fisheries stocks will be exhausted according to experts in 2050), and many marine species are becoming rare or are threatened extinction (bluefin, dugong) or endangered and among them the most consumed marine species such as cod or sardines or anchovies (stop the skimming technique and aileronnage or end ning ). 

The "sixth continent plastic" in the ocean: the plastic e is not digestible, once it…