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Furgeson Community Garden Healing Event Aug16

Note: Correction on Date August 16 not the 17 as previously posted. Sat Aug 16 end note
This Saturday the 16th of august join us in Ferguson, Mo as we gather to heal a community by planting the fall crops and tidying things up in an urban farm. We need lots of help and the community needs lots of healing so please join us . Located at : 
801 S. Florissant Rd. 
Ferguson, MO 63135

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Learn More about the #FarmedUpRising to benefit the community of Ferguson MO Aug16,2014-contact Mark Garlic or Tarry There Gardens

Garden Healing #FarmedUpRising to benefit the #Ferguson Community Aug 17, 2014
#FarmedUpRising to benefit the #Ferguson Community Aug 16, 2014


Learn More about the #FarmedUpRising via the Facebook Page here:

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Rain delay, see Facebook Link for current

#Ferguson Stories and Videos from the StLouis Locals

#Ferguson Stories and Videos from the StLouis Locals

Collection of news and information resulting out of the shooting of Mr Mike Brown by the Ferguson Police Department in Ferguson, MO 8-10-1-14

See the Activities, links, first hand accounts, videos, twitter, reddit, local news stations, youtube, anonymous, Family, Law Enforcement, NAACP, and anything else I could find before it gets removed, lost, or changed via the Internet Police and the Media Empire.

It all started when the Fam and I were sitting around eating an angel food birthday cake and this strange report comes over the News 4 broadcast- Ferguson Police Shoot Unarmed Man- RIOT Ensues-  I immediately jumped online and went to TwitterI know from past emergencies that Twitter has reported the news before the tv stations get in their vans-@StLHandyMan

I'd also like to point out:
Just because a #Ferguson witness doesn't talk "white" enuff for you does not mean that they are Lying. Scotty
Here's where it all starts

Here's how it all started- View the Video from QTrip that was just released 12:48 pm 8/15/2014 Ferguson police release convenience store surveillance video : News

Things went downhill from there as the Peaceful protest turned into a Riot which targeted the Quicktrip, Walmart, Walgreens, Zisser Tire, Autozone, and many local businesses. 

(I removed some videos that were proven false from illegitimate sources)

Swat Teams at Walgreen 

I found it odd that 49 years ago today the Watts Riot started August 11, 1965.  Is this history repeating itself again I wonder?  

Tear Gas Being Used on Protesters

Peaceful Protest Video

400 People is the Community Lend Support

Eyewitness speaks on the murder of Mike Brown

Another Eye Witness Speaks

Family and Friends Speak Out First News Conference- Demand Justice not Violence

Earlier in the Day Peaceful Protests from the scene

Reddit Live Feed for riot and protest in Ferguson, MO. Scanner reports, news links

Don't worry more will be posting as it happens. Scotty

Eye Witness Interview with #ChrisHayes

#FergusonRiot Protest StLouis MO
#Ferguson Protester Throwing Tear Gas back at the Cops!

My Favorite Picture of the #FergusonRiot

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Day 3 of the #FergusonRiot peaceful protest denied by the Ferguson PD

Day 3 of the #FergusonRiot peaceful protest denied by the Ferguson PD
Day 3 of the #FergusonRiot peaceful protest denied by the Ferguson PD

Local Community Leaders respond by creating #FarmedUprising

I realized yesterday that I couldn't keep up with all the Ferguson activities.  I'm changing my tactics to promote peace and will only be posting only positive messages and news from the Mike Brown incident.

8/14/2014 New Crowd Control Police Chief from the Missouri Highway Department- Captain Ron Johnson was brought in as a replacement for the Prior St Louis County Sheriff-Chief Jackson for crowd control.
Chief Jacks has also been criticized by the World on his mishandling of the Events.

It was advertised that the new leader is from and was raised in the Ferguson area.  Everything I have seen from him makes me believe that he was the missing link that was needed to calm the community in this time of turmoil.  He's done a few things differently check out how peaceful the protesters are now.

He boasted, at the news conference that there would be no tear gas used against the protesters.

8/15/2014 - The new day brought the first un-eventful night of protests along with the Ferguson County Police Chief Jackson  announcing that the Officer involved in the shooting of Mike Brown is Darren Wilson.

The Missouri Governor also gave a speech reflecting

Video: StLouis Radio Station and College Law Professor discuss the technical aspects of the legality of the Officer who shoot Mike Brown.

The 4th Amendment Discussed In Regards To Police Force

8/15/14 New Video Added of what I believe is eyewitness testimony heard in the background of the video.

8/16/14  There were many positive actions in the community over night, three of which jump out to me as worthy of attention for the :

positive actions of the Residents of Ferguson, MO.

  • Non Violent Protesters attempt to keep Looters from pillaging the local store.  

Ferguson Resident Explains why he is Protecting the Store

Our Missouri Governor Mr Jay Nixon also declared Martial Law

 Gov Nixon:

  • The governor has declared a state of emergency for Ferguson.
  • There is a 0000-0500 curfew in effect, so midnight-5am is now a no-go for protests or being out on the street in general.
  • Police are establishing a media staging area to get press credentials and allow them in/out access of the emergency zone.

#FarmedUpRising to benefit the community of Ferguson MO Aug16,2014-contact Mark Garlic or Tarry There Gardens

Garden Healing #FarmedUpRising to benefit the #Ferguson Community Aug 17, 2014
#FarmedUpRising to benefit the #Ferguson Community Aug 16, 2014

8/17/14  Staying on the Positive message theme I found this heartwarming picture of one of the

Elders showing guidance and message of peace! 

For the Full List of the previous nights activities check out the Reddit Feed
Live Feed for riot and protest in Ferguson, MO. Scanner reports, news links

Iconic Ferguson Riot Day 3 Photo @eyeFLOODpanties
for everything that I've missed Link

Missouri Govenor Jay Nixon speaks about the Ferguson catastrophe

Mike Brown Autopsy Report

Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons Explains Legal Significance of Michael Brown's Private Autopsy

From my twitter feed:


For those who aren't from the StLouis area who might not know about all the lack of jobs in the Area.  There is finally some help or at least recognition for the unemployed.  (This action was started by Mayor Slay who is the Mayor of StLouis which is not Furgeson, but to me all part of StLouis.)
Justice News Banner
Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
Monday, August 18, 2014
Attorney General Statement on Latest Developments in Federal Civil Rights Investigation in Ferguson, MO
Attorney General Eric Holder released the following statement Monday following his briefing of President Obama on the latest developments in the federal civil rights investigation in Ferguson, Missouri:

“As I informed the President this afternoon, the full resources of the Department of Justice are being committed to our federal civil rights investigation into the death of Michael Brown.

“During the day today, more than 40 FBI agents continued their canvassing of the neighborhood where Michael Brown was shot. As a result of this investigative work, several new interviews have already been conducted.

“Moreover, at my direction, an additional medical examination is being performed on the body of Michael Brown. This autopsy is being performed today by one of the most experienced medical examiners in the United States military. I am confident this additional autopsy will be thorough and aid in our investigation.

“In addition to updating the President on these developments, I informed him of my plan to personally travel to Ferguson Wednesday. I intend to meet with FBI investigators, and prosecutors on the ground from the Civil Rights Division and U.S. Attorney’s Office officials about the ongoing investigation.

“I realize there is tremendous interest in the facts of the incident that led to Michael Brown’s death, but I ask for the public’s patience as we conduct this investigation. The selective release of sensitive information that we have seen in this case so far is troubling to me. No matter how others pursue their own separate inquiries, the Justice Department is resolved to preserve the integrity of its investigation. This is a critical step in restoring trust between law enforcement and the community, not just in Ferguson, but beyond.

“In order to truly begin the process of healing, we must also see an end to the acts of violence in the streets of Ferguson. Those who have been peacefully demonstrating should join with law enforcement in condemning the actions of looters and others seeking to enflame tensions.

“To assist on this front, the Department will be dispatching additional representatives from the Community Relations Service, including Director Grande Lum, to Ferguson. These officials will continue to convene stakeholders whose cooperation is critical to keeping the peace. Furthermore, as the President has announced, Ron Davis, our Director of the COPS office, will arrive on the ground in Ferguson Tuesday. Ron has been in touch with local and state officials since last week, providing technical assistance on crowd control techniques and facilitating communications between Missouri officials and other law enforcement officials whose communities have faced similar challenges in the past.”
Attorney General

8/19/2014 Peaceful Protest till about Midnight, Police arrest more people and it turns out that most of the agitators who are arrested are not from Ferguson and have motives that aren't necessarily what is best for the area.

When my girl seen this photo she asked, " Are they using Flame Throwers on the Protesters now"  (This is a muzzle flash and not a flame thrower.)

Grand Jury convened to start the trial today in Clayton Missouri amid the protesters who voice their opinion that the Pros Atty  Bob McCulloch is not Fair and ImPartial.

10:49 am from Reddit StLouis Feed by the redditor (unbiased reporting of the events in Ferguson and the StLouis community)
Latest from prosecutor, Bob McCulloch's news conference:
Prosecutor McCulloch says NO info on Grand Jury specifics (race, gender, etc) will be released till after all evidence is presented.
Prosecutor Bob McColloch says timeline for evidence presented to grand jury could last through mid-October. #Ferguson #ksdk #MikeBrown

Going inside the grand jury process

As directed by our President Mr Eric Holder Arrives in StLouis
Here are some more of the Great things that the people of the Furgeson and Neighboring areas are doing for the Kids of Ferguson who were supposed to start school Monday or Tuesday 8/18-19/2014 originally shared by Ryan J. Reilly        

NFL Players in their support of Ferguson #StandUp for #MikeBrown

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Would you pay for a Negawatt in St Louis, MO?

Negawatt-Paid by Performance

I'm from Missouri and I understand and partially live by the states slogan-Show Me.  I am so confident that I can save you money on your utility bills.  I will base the money I earn from the energy upgrade improvements I install in your home or business in StLouis will be based off of the savings of your future energy bills.  Thats right you can pay me 'after-the-fact' on the proven performance for the work I do.  If what I say doesn't work or the energy upgrades fail to deliver then you pay nothing for my labor.

How do I know Scotty's suggested Energy Efficient upgrades and Clean Energy Solar Systems will work to save me $Money$ you ask?

To put my actions and energy efficient suggestions to the test I will soon be offering a Paid by Performance option based on the Negawatt reduction in your utility bills.

My Definition of a Negawatt is: the energy that was previously need but is not needed for your building now.  Wiki's definition of negawatt is:
Negawatt power is a theoretical unit of power representing an amount of energy (measured in watts) saved.
I'm calling for the naysayers and skeptics of energy efficiency and solar to accept my challenge.  I can and will save you money and will base this on the negawatts you will not be buying from Ameren UE!

  • Because I know that: Adding Insulation and Air Sealing the drafts in your home will save energy.
  • Energy Efficient appliances use less energy than older appliances.
  • Most of the HVAC systems in our homes do not have adequate air vents which causes them to operate inefficiently and create cold and hot spots in the home.
  • In regard to Solar: StLouis receives an average of 4.567 hours of useable sunlight everyday  (for my 2 family building 27 solar panels provides the clean energy needed to cut the entire buildings energy bills by 75%)
Why would I go out on a limb and possibly lose money?  For me its not completely about the $$$.  I breathe the air in St Louis and since Ameren UE burns dirty coal which causes: Cancer, Asthma, Breathing problems, reduced life expectancy, etc from the CO2 emissions.  {I am hedging my bets on my future health and the high costs of health care today.}  So any energy efficient upgrades and clean energy solar systems installed for your Building in the StLouis area that eliminate the burning of Fossil Fuels- will help my health in the end and everyone else in stlouis would also receive cleaner air to breathe as the added benefit.

While I'm working out the details feel free to schedule a time that we can discuss how you can participate in the program drop me a line.

Thank You for stopping by-Share and Comment below. If additional information in needed or you have a question let me know. Together we can make a difference. Build a Green StLouis Get Your Green Building Tips and Resources at St Louis Renewable Energy Green Blog

Roy Blunt R MO Dirty Energy Money from Oil, Coal, etc

While searching for what company (Big Oil and Big Coal) was giving to the Politicians who are in favor of the XL Canadian Pipeline I found the site:

Dirty Energy Voting Record for Roy Blunt
  • Summary: Sided with Dirty Energy interests in 100% of selected votes.
    On the Motion to Proceed (Motion to Proceed to the Consideration of S. 953):
    Would open up the outer continental shelf to more oil and gas drilling More info..
    On the Motion to Proceed (Motion to Proceed to the Consideration of S. 940):
    "Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act" eliminates certain tax breaks for the largest U.S. oil companiesMore info..
    On the Amendment (McConnell Amdt. No. 183):
    Would prohibit the EPA from taking any action to regulate greenhouse gases to address climate change. More info..

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