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StLouis Think Locally Act Globally

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The Term: Think Locally - Act Globally- that was first introduced to me in Columbia MO way back in 1999 is becoming ever more needed since the last IPCC report and the suggestions to reduce this Global Warming Trend that is affecting and changing the Earth's Weather Patterns.
  • The IPCC report shows the Man Made CO2 is creating warming temperatures Worldwide.
So what does this mean for the StLouis Region and how do we as a whole: Think Locally-Act Globally?

Since the greatest contributor of the CO2 that is causing Climate Change is from Burning Coal to Produce our Electricity and from Automobile Exhaust- it just makes sense to use less.  For this green blog post I'm going to share a few suggestions in order from Least Expensive to Most Expensive tips for your home or office.
  • For those who did not know the supplier of our Electricity Ameren UE listed as Union Electric [to confuse the public- Ameren UE creates electricity from burning the Dirty Coal supplied by PeaBody Energy] has the 4th Dirtiest Coal Burning Plant in the USA.[Union Electric Co.'s Labadie plant, Missouri (18.5 million metric tons)]
The following listed web links are will direct you to other blog postings on this site. Please Feel Free to Share your tips in the comment section.

  1. Shut off unused electrical devices, lights, etc
  2. Recycle
  3. Changing Light Bulbs to less Wattage or even better LED type lamp bulbs
  4. Wash Clothes in Cold Water
  5. Heat and Cool efficiently- Change the HVAC Air Filters-Service HVAC Units
  6. Seal Air Leaks- Doors, Windows, etc
  7. Add Insulation where needed
  8. Water Heating with Solar or Point of Demand type H20 Heaters
  9. Solar Electric Systems
  10. Geo Thermal Systems both heat water and warm/cool your home by using the Earth
This is not a complete list just a few simple suggestions of the things I do and plant to add to my home.  For additional info on the subject the USA Department of Energy has even more ways to save.

Thank you for stopping by St Louis Renewable Energy. Feel free to comment in the section below or contact Scotts Contracting- St Louis Home Improvement Projects and Energy Reducing Needs Get Your Green Building Tips and Resources at St Louis Renewable Energy Green Blog

Green and Renewable Peer Discussion Topics

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      In discussions with other Peers involved in the Construction Industry about the building and remodeling of homes and business in the St Louis Area.  I keep a mental log of the conversations and what I noticed was a re-occurring theme in something we all did agree on ( and it didn't matter if I was speaking to a Democrat, Republican, Independent- Young or Old).  
     They all agree that:  

  1. Material prices have skyrocketed in the past few years.  
  2. A Building shouldn't be drafty and have air leaks.  
  3. Heat and Cool Buildings Efficiently and Afford-ably.

Material Prices  (using a simple 2x4x10 Wall Framing Stud as an Example)-

  • Supply and Demand is Driving the Material Costs Higher.  World Wide Population growth coupled with what seems like some form of Natural Disaster Somewhere in the World every Month or Two.  It doesn't matter if the home or business was destroyed by the Flood, Hurricane, Tornado, Tsunami, or whatever it was.  The End Results are the Same: Cities and Towns left Completely in Ruins.  And we simply can't get trees to grow as fast as whats needed to rebuild the damage.

Air Leaks and Drafty Homes

  • Whether its your home or office:  Everyone wants to be comfortable.  With the Advent of the different types of Air and Vapor Barriers, Insulation, Advanced Framing Techniques, Windows, and Doors.  (As Required by current building codes) Buildings are now constructed and or remodeled using progressive building techniques that eliminate over 90% of these Air Leaks.

Heat and Cool Buildings Efficiently and Affordably

  • We've came along ways in providing heat for the home over the years.  Long past is the time we spent sitting around the campfire for warmth.  Our warmth in the winter and cold air in the summer; now comes from the switch on the wall. (I enjoy the modern convenience of a climate controlled room.)  And any business owner will state that their employees productivity is greater when the staff isn't too hot or cold.  In times long since past the costs for turning up or town the temp didn't make too big of a bill at the end of the month.  Nowadays it seems that every notch on the dial leads to higher bills at months end.
Its obvious to me that: Green and Sustainable Buildings is the Answer for today's Construction Needs.  I would venture to say that 90% of today's builders and re-modelers (worth their Salt) adhere to Energy Efficient Building Guidelines.

Which always leads me to ask:

"What is wrong with making your own Electricity?"
A new re-occurring theme appeared and they asked these three main questions:  Is it affordable-Aren't they expensive to install? Is Solar Reliable?

Zero $00.00 Down Solar Lease

  • I then start telling them about the: Zero Down Solar Lease, which makes solar affordable on most every budget.  (for every home I have figured- Solar either eliminates or cuts the Electricity Bill in half.) What could be better than a Non-Polluting Solar Electric System that generates its own electricity for less than your current Ameren UE Utility Bill?

Installation Is Covered

  • With the $00.00 Down Solar Lease- Any Permits, Inspections, Installation, and Maintenance is included in the Solar Lease. 
That means that you will not have to come out of pocket for a Dime to install a Solar System at your Home or Business.  Installation and Maintenance is covered in the Solar Lease

20+ Year Guaranty

  • The various Solar Systems I sell, lease, and install all have guaranties for 20+ years.  These warranties come from Field Tested Systems; where the electrical output is so predictable that the "Yearly" electrical outputs are guaranteed as well.  As long as the sun is shining they will produce electricity for your home for many many years into the Future.  And Unlike the rising costs of electricity- an Owner of a Solar system costs decrease as the Solar System pays for itself.

I can't spell it out any clearer.  Solar is Affordable Now. 

It will decrease your High Energy Bills leaving more $Money$ for you and your household.  And it will last 20+ years and still produce electricity in its old age.  What is there not to like about a Free Solar Lease System?  - as always Scotts Contracting provides a Free Estimate for any job.  What have you got to lose?  Use the contact info below to contact Scotty for a "Free Solar Lease Quote".

Build a Green St Louis
Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy

Tuckpointing Interior- Rehab of 4 Family Part 3

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 How we  brought the Old Western - Old South St Louis Architecture- Decor and Feel into a Modern Day Apartment- Benton Gut Rehab

We performed extensive tuck-pointing on the Building for
  • Aesthetic Purposes -for the Interior-see Soulard* Red Colored Mortar in this picture below ) and 

    Structural Purposes  (see upcoming Green Blog Post) both of which have Energy Saving Benefits!

    Soulard Red Decorative Tuck-pointing

Materials/Tools Used for the Project:
  • Type N- Masonry and Tuckpoint Mortar Mix
  • Red Coloring (Soulard Red)- Dry Mix
  • 4 in Diamond Plated Grinder Wheels
  • Various Tuck-pointing tools- Concave Pointers
  • Hudson Sprayer
  • Step Ladders and Walk Boards
  • Safety Glasses / Dust Masks
  • Wheel Barrow and Garden Hoe
Before During and After Pictures of this stage of the project

Scotts Contracting Decorative Interior Tuckpointing Soulard Red Mortar Mix Type N 

After we Ground out the Mortar Joints we then Tuck-pointed the Soulard Red Decorative Mortar Mix into the Mortar Joints.  Type N Masonry Mix "Pro Mix"
Scotts Contracting Decorative Interior Tuckpointing Soulard Red Mortar Mix Type N
  • Before We Removed the Damaged Exterior Wall.
  • We First Tuck-pointed the Brick Walls of the Building.
  • We could then Safely Remove the Damaged Lumber and Walls- after shoring up the existing Ceiling Joists (upcoming post in the Series)
  •  Rebuild the 2x6 Walls (upcoming post in the Series)

scotts Contracting Gut Rehab St Louis Missouri
Building the 2x6 Walls and Door Frame

  1. Removed all the old plaster from 2 walls int the Apartment then
  2. ground out all the mortar joints to a depth of one-half to three-quarters of an inch
  3. We then blew all the loose mortar from the area -To clean out the joints and prepare the Mortar Bed for the New Mix
  4. Dampened the area with a Hudson sprayer filled with water- before applying the Masonry Mix -On older buildings this is a critical step as it will help the Masonry Mix adhere to the Bricks while the New Mortar cures.
  5. We then filled the cracks with Type N Masonry and Tuckpoint Mix
  6. Brush the area for a consistent look
  7. Clean Up the area and enjoy the Decorative Look of the new Red Accent Walls


Scotts Contracting Decorative Interior Accent Wall Tuckpointing with Soulard Red Type N Masonry Mix

Soulard Red Interior Tuckpointing by Scotts Contracting 

Scotts Contracting Decorative Interior Accent Wall Tuckpointing with Soulard Red Type N Masonry Mix
 The 'Soulard Red' Decorative Tuck-pointed Accent Walls- when combined with: 
  • Modern Drywall that has a 
  • Smooth Textured Finish and a 
  • 'Refinished Douglas Fir Wood Floor' which Mother Nature has provided a natural reddish tint will give this kitchen and bedroom area the:

Old Western - Old South St Louis Architecture Decor and Feel into a Modern Day Apartment- Benton Gut Rehab

Thank you for stopping by St Louis Renewable Energy. Feel free to comment in the section below or contact Scotty for any Home Improvement Projects or Energy Reducing Needs and Scotty, Scotts Contracting will respond ASAP. Company Web Address:

Snow on Roof or Lack Snow is a sure sign...

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Snow on Roof or Lack Snow is a sure sign...
On the Frosty Mornings when you are outside your house scraping your cars windshield to prepare for your drive to work. Take a look at the Roof of your Home. -Lack of Frost or Snow on your Roof is a sure indication that it was melted by the Heat as it rises from the Interior of your House into the Attic Area-

Snow on Roof or Lack Snow is a sure sign...

    • Does the Frost or Snow cover the whole roof?
    • Are there places where the snow and frost melt first? (not caused by the Suns Rays)
    • Is there Frost and Snow on the Garage Roof but not on the House Roof?
    • Does your Neighbors House have Frost and Snow on their Roof- but-Your Roof Doesn't?
Any or All the above may mean that:
    1. Lack of Insulation In the Attic
    2. Air Infiltration from the Interior of the House into the Attic Area
    3. Uninsulated Heating Ducts inside the Attic
Scotts Contracting can Inspect your Attic for Proper:
  1. Insulation Levels
  2. Adequate Ventilation
  3. Uninsulated Heating Ducts
  4. Air Infiltration
Email and Scotty will provide a Free Estimate to Fix any of the Above Issues on your Home. I will also provide a Cost Saving Analysis that will provide a ROI on your Investment.

Weatherization doesn't cost it Saves! - Rule of Thumb: For Every $1 Spent on Weatherization- You will Save $2-$3 on your Home's Energy Bills
  • Example: By adding the suggested Inches of Insulation you will save 10-30% amount on the Energy needed to heat your Home= Lower Heating Bills and Greater Comfort Levels for you and your family

Additional Green Blog Posts:Energy Star Home Improvement Tips ,Insulation and Thermal Performance ,Which Kind Of Insulation Is Best? ,Radiant Barriersfor your Attic,Insulating Roofs, Walls, and Floors, Roof and Attic Ventilation ,

Email Scotty will provide a Free Estimate to Fix any of the Above Issues on your Home. -- Scott's Contracting

How to Stop Energy Loss or Gain in a Building

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How to Stop Energy Loss or Gain in a Building ~ St Louis Renewable Energy

How to Prevent Heat Loss with 4 Examples-Diagrams-Drawings for your Building Projects

In recent conversations with customers and peers about Reducing Energy Loss in Buildings / Structures and how heat and cold are transferred into a Building via Conduction. I explained and made reference to using a Metal Cooking Utensil to stir a pot of chilli.

If the utensil is left in the pot of chilli for any length of time. The heat will eventually transfer heat up the utensil handle and will usually burn your hand or fingers.

Heat and Cold enter a Building in the same way; unless, there is some form of Insulation or Thermal Break to prevent the conduction of energy.

Cooking utensil manufactures solve this issue by adding handles made of Wood, Plastic, etc.

The Building and Remodeling Industry combats this energy loss/gain in various ways. Here a few examples, diagrams, and drawings that show how this loss or gain is minimized.

When this heat/cold gain and loss is minimized you will save money on your Heating and Cooling Bills.

By renovating and building using these examples and basic design principles you will save money and reduce Global Warming / Climate Change.

  • Example 1. Adding Insulation on the exterior of the Building normally behind the exterior wall finish. This is normally used in conjunction with Insulation in the Wall Cavities.

    • Example 1 top view
      Example 1 Top View
      ISO View Example 1
      Example 1 Adding Insulation on the Exterior of Wall Framing

  • Example 2 – Staggered Wall Studs

  • 2x4 Staggered Studs to prevent Energy Loss and Gain
    Top View 2×4 Staggered Studs to Prevent Energy Loss and Gain
    2x4 Staggered Studs
    2×4 Staggered Studs Prevent Energy Loss and Gain

  • Example 3- Double Wall Construction

  • 2x4 Double Wall Construction
    2×4 Double Wall Construction to Prevent Energy Loss and Gain
    2x4 Double Wall Construction
    2×4 Double Wall Construction to Prevent Energy Loss and Gain

  • Example 4- Creating a Thermal Break by Adding Wall Channels

Thermal Break created by Wall Channels to prevent energy loss
Thermal Break created by Wall Channels to prevent energy loss
Thermal Break created by adding Wall Channels to prevent energy loss and gain
Thermal Break created by adding Wall Channels to prevent energy loss and gain
The above illustrations are just a few examples of how to prevent Energy Loss in a Building by adding: Insulation, Providing a Thermal Break, and Creating Dead Air Space. Examples 1 and 4 are used mostly in Remodeling and Renovation Projects. With examples 2 and 3 are used mainly in new construction of Buildings. For detailed information, proven scientific facts, about how energy is transferred I suggest reading the Article at Wiki on Heat Transfer at:
If you live in the St Louis Area and are interested in Saving Money on your utility bills by any of the above mentioned diagrams or illustrations I can be reached via:

Insulation, Energy Audit, and Weatherization Services for St Louis

StLouis, MO St Louis, MO 63109, USA Links to this post

If you are interested in Saving Money on your up-coming winter time heating costs Scotts Contracting offers: Weatherization, Insulation, and Building Maintenance Services that will save you money on your Heating Bills.

Offer is available for Residential and Commercial Buildings in the Greater St Louis Area

Scotts Contracting supplies:

Cost Effective Solutions that will save you $ Money $ on your Heating Bills.  My motto: Affordable, Experienced, and Punctual.

General Rule of Thumb for Energy Efficient Up-Grades for Buildings: For Every Dollar you spend you will save between $2-$3 Dollars on your Heating Bills.

  • $3000.00 Dollar Attic Retrofits Costs for Average 1,100 Sq. Ft. Residential Home
  • With my Preliminary Figures using a Guesstimate ($400) on your current Energy Bill and using the Dept of Energy's Estimate of 20% Savings for attic retrofits. I've determined that by Sealing your Air Leaks and Adding Insulation to the Attic the Attic Retrofit will pay for itself in 2.6 years. [ I would wager that it will be closer to 1.75-2 years with the yearly utility rate increases by Ameren UE and Laclede Gas.]
Attic Retrofit Consists of:
  1. Adding Insulation to meet the US Dept of Energy Guidelines for the St Louis Area
  2. Sealing all the Air Leaks that are allowing the Cold Air into your Building
  3. Adding Proper Ventilation
I've published many handy how to articles on Saving Money on Energy Bills if you choose to DIY or would like to research articles on Saving $Money$ on Utility Bills click here to browse these articles on my Green Blog 

Energy Audits are also available


Energy Saving Window Replacement JOB

StLouis, MO St Louis, MO, USA Links to this post
Nonrandex Custom Replacement Windows

  • Energy Star
  • Dual Pane
  • Low E Glass Coating
  • Argon Gas
  • Tilt In for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
Weatherized and Air Sealed against the Elements with: Dow Great Stuff Window and Door Sealer

  • Dow Great Stuff commented on your photo.
    Dow Great Stuff wrote: "Looks like you know what you're doing! Thanks for using GREAT STUFF!"

    See the comment thread

Job Notes: 
  1. Replaced Existing Windows in Lower Level of Home with Nonrandex Custom Windows.  
  2. Estimated Energy Savings 30% on Energy Costs (note: the Customers and I will be monitoring the new Utility Bills for Actual Energy Savings for Real Time Energy Savings). 
  3. More Job Site Photos will be available soon. 

Weatherization Tips- Home

StLouis, MO St Louis, MO, USA Links to this post

I encourage everyone to utilize the information to Weatherize Your Home or Schedule a Free Green site evaluation and Scotts Contracting will outline a Personal Energy Plan to reduce the Costs of High Summertime Cooling Bills.

Attic Insulation-Energy Solutions-
  • Part 1 on Home Weatherization Series

Attic Insulation-I've put a little information to explain Attic Insulation for a Home. 

It takes a whole house approach to Reduce a Home's Energy Needs.

  • The Attic Area and Attic insulation being just one area. When Combined with a Green Roofing System- The pair combined are your First Defense Against Rising Energy Costs.


  • This includes: proper attic ventilation, ceiling protrusions(Light Boxes / Ceiling Fan), access points, mechanical and electric points, Attic Knee Walls, Obtrusion's-
  • Anything that will allow the unconditioned air from the Exterior of the Home

Adding Radiant Barriers for Existing Buildings-in a nutshell this bounces the Exterior Temperature back outside and the Interior Temperatures Reflected inwards

Radiant Barriers are being used in more Construction Projects in today's construction techniques to assist homeowners with additional savings on utility bills.

  • Attached to the Underneath Side of Existing Rafters- Best Option for Retrofits
  • Reflective Radiant Barriers have R-Values that range from R-3.7 to R-17 (When used in accordance with Manufactures Recommendations and Insulation Levels)
    Radiant Barriers can also act as vapor Barriers 

Prior Experience: R30 2x4 Vaulted Roof System Example #105:

  • Light Color Shingles on Exterior
  • 1 in roof decking
  • 2x4 Rafters 16" Space
  • R13 Batt Insulation
  • Double Sided Radiant Barier
    • Also Acts as Vapor Barrier
  • Adequate Ventilation Provided by
    • Automatic Power Attic Fan Peak of Roof
    • Proper Vents in Soffits and Gable Ends


  • Reduced the Need for 1 window AC unit in Typical Two Story Stick Built Home-
  • This translates to a Savings of $30 / Month during Cooling Months or $120-$160 / Year.
    • This Application Payed for itself in the 1st Summer 06. At the time of writing this article the estimated savings for 5 yrs is $600. This Pays for 100% of the Materials used in the Green Roof Retrofit System in the Upstairs Bedroom Remodel.
  • The Only drawback reported by owner (which wasn't really a drawback since it was his teen-age sons room) was the decrease in cell phone reception-
    • Caused by the Reflective Nature of the Reflective Foil Radiant Barrier.
Energy Star, Department of Energy, US Government Suggestions for Optimum Home Energy Savings (Reference Links Below)

Attic Add Insulation to meet Suggested Guidelines for the St Louis Area

  • w/ no insulation Add Insulation to achieve=R38 to R60
  • If existing 3-4 inches Add Insulation to achieve=R38
  • Suggested needed R value of Insulation on Attic Floor=R25 to R30 Optimum  Performance would be to upgrade to: R30-R60- Green Fiber Blow-In Natural Fiber Insulation.

Insulation when used in conjunction with a Radiant Barrier can lower the Cost of Insulation by reducing the Amount of Insulation Needed

Scotts Contracting is Available to assist you in improving your “Homes Energy Efficiency”

When Scotty comes over to perform an Green Site Evaluation.

  1. Scotty will inspect for the above mentioned problem areas.
  2. Discuss the various solutions.
  3. Next-Determine the Materials and Labor Needed to Complete and Fix the Areas Quoted in the Project.
  4. I'll then submit a Project Proposal that will discuss project in detail.
  5. Answer any Questions, Explain Procedures, and determine the least obtrusive time to Weatherize your Home.
  6. Computerized Energy Audits for your Home for Estimated Energy Savings are also available- [Equest, Sam, HEED are just a few of the programs I am currently using. The Latest Simulated Advisory Model Beta is in the testing stages and being offered by the US Department of Energy].

Looking forward to meeting you and discussing the ways I can help with Lowering your Energy Bills for your Home or Business.

I encourage everyone to utilize the above information to Weatherize Your Home or Schedule a Free Green site evaluation-

Scotty will Weatherize You Building Against the High Costs of Ameren UE Electricity Rates that increase your Homes Summer Time Cooling Costs- Any Green Projects done to reduce energy needs reduces Pollution from burning Fossil Fuel (Coal) that creates our Electricity.

I will Save You $Money$!!!!

Scotty, Scott's Contracting

Find me at: Green Me UP-Scotty

Referrence Materials:

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Build a Green St Louis!

I'm trying to help my fellow stlouis neighbors from getting sick from nuclear radiation #BioRad Hazardous Waste Disposal eliminates toxic radiation in the soil. Scotty, writes: Sustainable Buildings are the future of the Construction Industry and our future Energy needs will be met from true Clean Energy Sources as well as creating Net Zero Energy Efficient Buildings for a sustainable future. Design Build Contractor for the St Louis Region-Specializing in Energy Conservation Design Build Projects and Solar PV Clean Energy Systems

Proud promoter of: Green, Eco Friendly, and Sustainable Building Products with Energy Reducing Resources and On-Site Solar PV Clean Energy Systems for the St Louis Region and beyond. Let us show you how: Green Building Doesn't Cost it Saves!

Financing is available to include: Solar Systems, Solar Leases, Bank Loans, PACE financing, Energy Conservation, Weatherization are available.

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