Interior Framing-Plumbing-Benton Rehab Green Blog Series

Part 10: Interior Wall Framing, Plumbing, Laundry Room Exhaust Vent and Plumbing-Benton Park Gut Rehab Green Blog Series

 The below CAD drawing was the Basic Plan going into the Rehab Project.

Benton CAD Floor Plan by Scotty,Scotts Contracting
Benton CAD Floor Plan by Scotty,Scotts Contracting

Neither the Building Owner or Myself like to have Return Air Ducts Located on the Floor (where they suck or pull in more Dirt and Debris).  The HVAC Return Air Vents were instead installed 6 ft off the floor.   

Installing New HVAC Return Air Ducts in the Wall
Installing New HVAC Ducts in the Wall

This is a very Important Wall.  It not only will support the Kitchen Cabinets.  It contains the Plumbing Stack for the 2nd Floor Kitchen as well as the First Floor Kitchen Area.  This wall was constructed using a double 2x4 wall with the studs running parallel with the wall plates.  This allowed for Plenty of Clearance for the Plumbing on both the First and Second Floor.

Hint: See Next Blog Post about Why this Picture is so Important

 The plumbing for this project was done by: Master Plumber St Louis and I highly recamend their Services for your plumbing needs.

Double 2x4 Plumbing Stack Wall

The photo below is the only photo I have of the future Laundry Room.  This was added the day the Master Plumber St Louis showed up at the Job Site.  All though this was a change order (email the Pros at Master Plumber StL) they handled the addition of the Laundry Room for this floor and the 2nd Floor.  Giving the Investment Property Apartments Updated Amneties- Which increases the both the Rental Value and the Investment Property Portfolio.

In the Photo below we have 2nd Floor Laundry Room, 2nd Floor Hot and Cold Pex Water Lines for the Laundry Room,and the 1st and 2nd Floor Dryer Vent Exhaust.  Quarters were a little cramped but everything was able to fit snugly into the allocated space.
Above the 1st Floor Laundry Room Ceiling-


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