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We Are to Blame and Responsible Pt2 BAD2014

In Part1-Inequality Alive and Well circa 2014 I touched on how I feel the St.Louis and Missouri Education System has failed to fulfill its duties in preparing the younger generation to meet the challenges needed to live a harmonious life.

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While I was tweeting with  I realized that there was more to the story inside me that needed to come out especially when she pointed out:

 Your article keeps going thru my mind esp the part about the kids not able to read a tape measure and their hopeless looks 
This comment was in response to this part of the BAD2014 post:
"...from my experience-performing construction work in the hood.  I've noticed that many times the people that will stop by a construction job site and inquire about "Work"-are unable to read a tape measure..."If the St.Louis regional area cannot even teach the next generation these basic education principles-then we are to blame and utterly responsible for failing to provide and give the youth a fighting chance to make it in the World.""

The hopeless looks 

                         I got when I asked the jobsite walkons about their skills and abilities still haunt me today.   I'm not a mind reader but I can read people and the downtrodden feeling these job applicants had when I told them that. "I only hired skilled helpers with a background in construction."
            They didn't understand that for my small business to keep its doors open I had to turn a profit and complete peoples projects in the designated time period.  
             If I brought unskilled helpers into the project it would require me to do more on the job training that would make the project take longer, which would cut into my earnings and possibly bankrupt me.

Early in my construction career 

                        It was normal to walk onto a construction site- inquire about a job, have an impromptu job interview with the Job Superintendent running the show and more times than not I was hired on the spot-I then grabbed my tool bag and went to work, grateful for the opportunity to earn a paycheck and building America.

I am forever grateful for the opportunities and journeyman level hands on training that my past construction employers have given me  (little did they know they helped to shape my career in the Construction Industry which in turn has jump-started my desire to build Sustainable Buildings).

Progressive thinking Construction Companies

          who both live and work in the St.Louis region were present at the Construction Forum St.Louis event held in the St.Louis Moto Museum.  The event Boots on Ground was started by Tom Finan-Executive Director at Construction Forum STL-

Construction Forum STL is a nonprofit dedicated to addressing the “big issues” facing the St. Louis construction industry. We believe that when the construction community comes together to network, discuss ideas, and share information we are all better for it. This website is a dynamic, collective repository for knowledge, information, news, research, and ideas that can make our industry stronger.

Mr Finan and other progressive leaders understand that for our city to operate as a fully functioning town- changes are needed and have stepped up to the Plate to meet the challenge.

They are single handedly and jointly working to include more minority hiring of both St.Louis Local Contractors and Workers into the workforce of St.Louis.

I originally attended the event

Scouting for employment opportunities to do my part in Building a Green St.Louis and came away with a better understanding that I needed to do more.

I pride myself and run my little construction company with the basic ingrained mindset of:          Leading by Example.

And I came away from the Boots on the Ground program with the understanding that-
 I needed to do more.  I cannot rely on others to lead in this.
I have to do more 
and I must do a better job of hiring both minorities and giving other small businesses a fighting chance.

I mentioned above leading by example and I'm putting these actions into words on an upcoming project where I will be building a functional and energy efficient rooms in a basement remodel for the Client.

I will be utilizing and hiring Minority Owned: Electrician Contractor as well as a Plumbing Contractor for the project in South City, St.Louis.

I also plan to stop by the neighborhood SLATE Office to inquire about possibly hiring a minority helper and laborer for my project.  I've heard and followed the twitter links about how they are assisting and training young adults the skills needed to gain entry into the Construction Field.

St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment

SLATE is City of St. Louis' workforce department offering businesses and job seekers of all ages and socioeconomic background no-cost employment and job training services

Just like my early employers did with me when they gave me a chance and helped my construction career.  I will give others a chance- to help me: Build A Green St.Louis!

Long ago- when I owned and operated 2 Apartment Buildings with 21 individual apartments; I realized that having a Minority on my staff helped my business.  

What it did was to show my future tenants that I was not prejudicial and gave everyone an opportunity.  I may have lost a few future caucasian tenants who were haters.  But the feeling I had inside of: Doing the Right Thing- was immeasurable in Dollars and Cents.

My Goal is to prevent the Minority Fault Line from further damage.

I challenge all American Businesses to give people a chance.

Here are some of the Tweets from my Twitter Feed in re:

Thank You for stopping by-Share and Comment below. If additional information in needed or you have a question let me know. Together we can make a difference. Build a Green StLouis Green Building Tips and Resources from Scotty-St Louis Renewable Energy Green Blog -->

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