Scotts Contracting Job Site Photos

    • Scotts Contracting Job Site Photos 
    Scotts Contracting Job Site Photos

                   Photos of Completed Projects by Scotts Contracting

                  Benton Gut Rehab


                  Saving a Deck from the Landfill- Rebuilding a Deck in Clifton Heights-St Louis, Missouri 

                  Wrap Around Porch- Example of How Green Building Doesn't Cost It Saves!!!!


                  Energy Star Bay Window Design, Build, and Installation Pictures

                  Interior Stucco Water Damage Repair Photos

                  Low VOC - Fast Dry- Paint Projects using Martha Stewart "Ice Rink-Blue"

                  Green Build Out Door Stair Case Remodel
                  Green Build
                  -Outdoor Stair Case Enclosure, Small Hip Roof Build

                  Exterior Stair Case Build

                  Job Details: Enclosed Outdoor Stair Case to Increase Under Stair Storage and Appearance

                  • Green Build- 80% of Lumber was Recycled From Prior Projects!
                  • Cedar Lattice
                  • Spring Action Gate Hinges
                  • Automatic On/Off Lighting System
                  • Seamless Gutters
                  • Eco Friendly Roofing Hip Roof
                  • Start Picture 2nd Floor Roof Build
                    Scotts Contracting
                  • 2nd Floor Framing Photo
                    Green Build Project
                  • Final build Picture 2nd Floor Roof
                    Gangway View
                  • Stair Case and 2nd Stor Roof Build
                    Exterior Stair Case Build
                  • Landscaping Projects 

                    We started with the Removal of a 4 ft Diameter Tree Stump that was left over from a Tree Long gone. Then progressed with the yard makeover. 
                    1. Removed 4 foot Diameter Tree Stump
                    2. Laid Out Yard Design
                    3. Grass- prepped soil, broadcast grass seed, #1 mulch
                    4. Trees- Removed and Replanted 1 Tree and Planted 2 Red Maple Trees- {Dug Hole, Prepped: Fertilizer, Quick Start, Mulch and Dirt}
                    5. Shrubs-Dug Holes, Prepped: Fertilizer, Mulch, Dirt
                    6. Lighting- Low Voltage-Installation and Repair for Lighting System

                    Tree Stump Removal
                  • Before Stump Removal,Scotts Contracting
                    Start Stump Removal
                  • Stump Removal, Scotts Contracting
                    Tree Stump Removal
                  • After Stump Removal, Scotts Contracting
                    Scotts Contracting After Stump
                    1. Contractor Mix Grass Seed (4 Different Blends of Grass Seed)
                    2. Number 1 Mulch/Top Soil Blend
                    3. Organic Fertilizer
                    4. Mulch Around Rose Bushes and Shrubs
                  • Scotts Contracting
                    Final After Stump Photo
                  • Front Yard Make-Over

                    • Low Voltage Landscape Lighting,
                    • Red Maple Tree Installation, 
                    • Flowering Shrubs, Ivy, 
                    • Re-Seeded Yard, 
                    • Organic Fertilizer,
                    • #1 Mulch/Top Soil Blend
                    Final Project View

                  • Picture
                    Red Maple Tree, Shrubs, Mulch, Grass
                  • Picture
                    Red Maple Tree, Shrubs, Mulch, Grass
                  • Picture

                    • Job Details: Very Little Grass Growing in Dog Park / Garden Area and Front Yard of House
                    • Solutions:
                    1. Contractor Mix Grass Seed ( 4 Different Blends of Grass Seed)
                    2. Number 1 Mulch/Top Soil Blend
                    3. Organic Fertilizer
                    4.  Mulch Around Rose Bushes and Shrubs
                  • Picture
                    Dog Park, Contractor Mix Grass Seed-Organic Fertilizer
                  • Picture
                    Number 1 Mulch and Top Soil
                  • Picture
                    Dog Park
                  • Green Build-Curved Wall Build Photos and Project Notes

                    Curved Wall Gangway View, Scott's Contracting

                    Job Site Photos: Curved Wall Build Photos

                    Project Notes:
                    1. Green Build
                    2. Metal Framing
                    3. Natural “Fiber Reinforced” Stucco Finish
                    4. Additional Support for 3rd Floor Stair Case, and
                    5. Additional Storage Area
                    6. Recycled French Door & Crystal Door Knob Supplied by Scott's Contracting
                    7. Completed Project Looks Original !!!
                  • Curved Wall Start Photo, Scott's Contracting
                    Curved Wall Build Photo-Before

                  • Curved Wall Metal Framing,Scott's Contracting
                    Curved Wall Framing
                  • Metal Stud Framing used to Conform to existing Radius of Building.  Thus keeping w/ the Style and Design of Older Building.
                  • Curved Wall Exterior Grade Sheet Rock,Scott's Contracting
                    Curved Wall-Exterior Sheet Rock Build Photo
                  • Metal Lath & Water Proofing,Scott's Contracting
                    Curved Wall Build-Water Proof and Mesh
                  • Curved Wall Finish Photo,Scotts Contracting
                    Curved Wall Finish PhotoNote Completed Project Looks Original
                  • Materials Used:
                    • 2x4 Metal Studs & Plate
                    • Exterior Grade Sheet Rock
                    • Metal Lath & Water Proofing
                    • Fiber Reinforced Natural Stucco Finish

                  • Installation of: 15 Panel French Doors with Custom Mill-work and Saloon Door -Dual Action Spring Loaded Hinges

                    Project for:  Foley-Walker Enterprises, L.L.C.

                    Customer Needs: Additional Access to Rooms Located in Rear of Building and Wheel Chair Access.

                    Job Specifics:
                    • 1) Finished Lumber: Match Existing Finish of Wood Furnishings and Office Decor
                    • 2) Functionality: French Doors swing both directions for egress issues and Additional Handicap Access- Saloon Door Hinge
                    • 3) Budget/Timing
                    • 4) Least Intrusive as possible to Office Functions

                    Job Solutions:

                    • 1)   3 Coats-Minwax- English Chestnut Stain -Exact Match; 2 Coats-Minwax- Semi Gloss Fast Dry Poly Urethane to protect finish and add durability
                    • 2)   Dual Action Hinges allow door to swing both directions.  Hinges positioned to one side of opening in wall to allow full swing of doors "270 Degrees"; Combined Door width: 60 inches- Handicapped Accessible
                    • 3)   Budget was met by Installation of doors without the needed Drywall Expenses (We installed the doors and required Framing with-out completely removing drywall from area,  This saved Foley-Walker Enterprises, L.L.C. :the Time & Money Spent on UN-needed Dry Wall = taping, mudding, sanding, & painting).
                    • 4)   First 2 Coats of Stain Done Off-Site to not disrupt office w/ Smell of Stain. 
                    • 5)   Additional Staining & Poly Urethane done in Afternoon allowed overnight dry time.
                    • 6)   The Majority of the Work was done in the Afternoon for minimal disruption to office. Demo & Framing 1 day- all excess materials removed and disposed of accordingly.  Note: Existing Framing Lumber removed was "recycled" into work benches for Scottys Work Shop.

                    Materials Used

                    • Jeld Wen French Doors (15 Pane Pine Wood)
                    • Millwork/Decorative Lumber: Yellow Pine: Plinth Blocks, Pilasters, Dental Molding, Door Pediment with Keystone Block
                    • Min Wax Stain and Min Wax Semi Gloss Fast Dry Poly Urethane
                    • Hardware: Dual Action Hinges, Brass Kick Plates, Push/Pull Plates, Threshold

                    Custom Wood Finishing Process

                    Material Suppliers

                    • Home Depot, Southtown #3011, Kingshighway, St Louis Mo
                    • Door Handles- On Back Order
                  • Start to Finish Photos for the Installation
                     of 15 Panel French Doors
                    . Build Notes: Saloon Door-Dual Action Spring Hinges, Custom Mill-work, Final Finish Must Match Existing Law Office Furnishings
                  • Start Photo, Scotts Contracting
                    Before Installation of French Doors and Custom Millwork
                  • Finish Photo, Scotts Contracting

                  • Laying Out the French Doors,Scotts Contracting

                  • New Door Opening & Framing,Scotts Contracting

                  • Installation of Custom Millwork, Scotts Contracting

                  • Picture
                    Good View of Dual Action Hinge
                  • Picture
                    Dual Action Spring Hinge
                  • Picture
                    Scotty Applying Gloss Finish
                  • Picture
                    Applying Gloss Finish
                    • Siding, Soffitts, Fascia, Tankless Water Heaters, Window, Door, and Welding, Commercial Office Expansion w/"Green Build" Metal Studs, Tuckpointing 

                    • Scotts Contracting Job Site Photos

                      The following photos are various job sites photos of projects I have worked on.

                    • New Red Roofing Shingles, Repaint Front Porch, New Gutter and Down Spout

                    • Flat Roof Repair w/ Rock Ballast

                    • Pool Painting and Waterproofing

                    • -Painting Projects, Commercial Gutters-
                      Commercial Building Projects

                    • scotts contracting, commercial Air-Less Painting
                    • Scotts Contracting, Commercial Air-Less Painting
                    • Scotts Contracting Painting and Gutter Repair
                      Commercial Gutter Replacement
                    • Project Photos
                      Kaplan Real Estate
                      Sherwin Williams Exterior Flat

                    • Rock Foundation Repair and Waterproofing

                    • Custom Oak Wood Work- Bedroom Remodel, Custom Oak Cabinets, Spanish Tile, Berber Carpet / Pad, Louvered/2 Pane Windows, 2 Motor / Directional Ceiling Fan, Additional Build Note: R-Value of 27 in Walls/Ceiling

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