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Green Building Products and News

Green Building Products and News April 30, 2010
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Akeena Solar. Andalay solar panels feature built-in racking and built-in wiring for a smooth, flush appearance that resembles skylights. With 70% fewer parts and 25% fewer attachment points, the panels for a small house can be installed in less than an hour, the company says. Fewer attachment points also means fewer penetrations in the roof, so less opportunity for leaks and failure for addition Akeena Solar, Andalay Solar Panel Information
contact: for your Custom Andalay Solar Panel Info Guide

 Fiber Optic Skylight
A new way to bring natural light into interior spaces, Huvco’s Parans Fiber Optic Skylight system collects sunlight through lenses on outdoor panels (shown), then funnels the light through optical cables to luminaires. The system’s daylight collectors mount on roofs or fa├žades. The thin, flexible optical cables, which are routed through walls and ceilings, have high light transmission that lets sunlight efficiently reach far into buildings; the luminaires are designed to recreate the feeling of sunlight. Hybrid luminaires that combine natural light and electric light are available contact: for pricing and additional info

Quad-Lock Building Systems

The R-etro insulation system lets remodelers attach expanded polystyrene insulation to an existing building. The system, which has an R-value of 18, adapts to the shape of a building and around protrusions and openings, the company says, and it can be attached to any wall structure. After installation, the product serves as a fastening point for finish materials. contact: for pricing, additional information and your Green Building Needs.

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