MOhemp Energy HEMP FOR VICTORY 2016

MOhemp Energy: Adviser Spoke-I was all ears


Big clue today July 31, 2016: Ukraine- lots of Hemp seeds, needs income. Russia, cut aid to Ukraine. I'm putting 2+2 together.

I predict: Hemp For Victory Round 2, Spring Planting 2016.

Bringing back Industrial Hemp will jump-start American jobs and Small business and Make it disruptive to the existing biz as usual for American Big Companies- who also are the Republicans Repukitans base for the $ money $ polluting the Politics of the USA.

Taking power away from big businesses who are and did sell out the American workers by outsourcing jobs overseas. President Obama realizes this and also realizes that by legalizing both Medical and Industrial Cannabis he is ultimately giving the people a fighting chance against the powers who have keep the average Americans struggling and under the thumb of Big Business Interest and overshadowed their voices in Washington and Life in the real World

Will Hemp For Victory Round 2 be the cure all for America's Ills? Maybe not all but it will damn sure help a few. And I personally can't wait to work directly with the Farmers who will lead the resurgence of American Productivity and jobs that all start on the Farm! The added benefits will be the lessening of the grip that big business has on Washington

Remember all these new Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis ventures are small new disruptive businesses that will take the power or $ money $ out of the big business coffers. 

Hemp For Victory Round 2 coming spring 2016- in time for planting season. Are you prepared to meet this new demand?

I am Scotty MOhemp Energy.


MOhemp Energy: The Key To Green Buildings

So why aren't more people adopting green building techniques into their home or business.  The biggest obstacle for adopting this technique into every building is the short term costs to implement these techniques.   

For those who have been reading about MOhemp Energy's plan to address this biggest obstacle: The technique and system of using the Hemp Seeds and Fibers to pay for every part of the process of growing and harvesting Hemp- from farming to the end result.  

This Will: enable MOhemp Energy to offer
the Hemp Hurds to clients and customers 
at the lowest possible costs.  Enabling the 
Hemp Hurds used to make #Hempcrete 
with little to no expense.  Thus allowing 
cheap and inexpensive alternative to 
building or renovating most any structure 
into a sustainable building.

If you build or renovate as a DIY project yourself, the lower costing sustainable Hemp Hurds materials will be a minimal investment.

MOhemp Energy: The Key To Green Buildings


Alley Upcycling saved the dog

I found this perfectly good dog crate in an alley, all that was missing was a door!
I also happened to have an old oven rack that was the perfect size for the opening of the crate. It was a match made in Dog Heaven (or Dog Hell if your are opposed to cages like I am.)

recycling is kool see the upcycled dog crate with oven rack door
upcycled dog crate with oven rack door
Why a cage you ask?

My girl brought the little dog home to save it from a bad life.  And we fell for her.  She's gentle around the infant which was the key for a welcome into the family and the good life of food, play, and sleep as rewards for good behavior- Oh the Dogs Life!  The added bonus of sassy-playful disposition was perfect match to dog No.1.  

But she wouldn't stop using kitchen floor for toilet.

This drives me nuts.  My dogs have manners.  Almost at point of considering drastic measures of parting with the kool dog and kicking her out of the Family and good life!

I contacted MySmartPuppy who had the solution to our problem!  My hero!  She suggested: "Crate her overnight. (I have a crate you can use, if you need one.)"

Back to the up-cycling.  This was temporary fix eventually crate will be designated to the yard again.  So its pretty crude and simple fix, McGiver style with Bailing Wire!

Instructions: Drill holes, use bailing wire as hinges and latch to hold oven rack door on crate.

Props again to My Smart Puppy the StLouis dog guru, Sarah makes working and training dogs easy:

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, Pro Trainer | Author of 9 books | Seen on PBS | Consultant | Board Member | Love helping people & dogs!
St. Louis, Missouri - USA #stl ·http://www.sarahwilsondogexpert.com


MOhemp Energy: Hempcrete Post Frame Building Perfect Solution

MOhemp Energy: Hempcrete Post Frame Building Perfect Solution

Scottys Hempcrete Post Frame Building is the Perfect Solution to meet and exceed every need of the Energy Efficient and Sustainable Housing crisis that is plaguing America and beyond.

If someone else has put 2 and 2 together on this perfect match for building Energy Efficient Sustainable Building using sustainable hempcrete; I've yet to read about online or from any of the many progressive builders I follow who are constructing and working on energy efficient buildings.  I consider myself a trendsetter in this type of construction technique.

This isn't the first time I've shared this design build construction technique and it will not be the last.  This is also the design that I will re-submit to NRELOak Ridge Laboratories, andDOE for upcoming contests for Energy Efficient Building Design.  

With this blog post I will demonstrate how the Post Frame Building Principles: saves money, saves energy, and saves resources.

Residential Post Frame Examples- The economical revamped old style of pole barn construction for modern day uses

In the above Post Frame Residential Building Photos notice the exterior of the buildings can incorporate any of the aesthetic designs your heart desires- Siding, Brick, Stone, Stucco, or Wood.

Here's How Post-Frame Buildings Can Save on Construction Costs

Fewer Materials Needed for Construction
Post-frame construction requires limited wall and roof framing materials, and minimal footing and foundation materials. Wood posts spaced 8 to 12 feet apart with a frame building system means fewer resources than most other construction methods.
Reduction of Labor Costs
Post-frame construction site preparation often requires fewer trades and less time. Fewer building components lead to less time for installation labor then those built with wood frame systems. This is because many post-frame building components come prefabricated to the project site.
Shorter Time of Construction
Start with a wood frame system site preparation. Post-frame construction utilizes posts to build frames. Augering holes for posts require minimal effort. On average, it takes experienced post-frame contractors two or three days to erect a basic frame. That includes posts, girts, trusses, and purlins.
Minimization of Construction Delays
Delays due to cold weather, even in northerly climates, are minimal. With frame building systems, post foundations can be installed on or below freezing temperatures.

VersatilityAchieve virtually any aesthetic with post-frame construction’s flexibility and large, open interiors.SustainabilityPost-frame construction includes various sustainable benefits. Many of which can help earn LEED Certification

Savings start 
in the Framing Design and Construction.  Notice in the following examples how the top image uses less lumber in the construction of the buildings structural assembly.
Comparing Post Frame Residential Building Designs to Stick Built Frame Building
Compare the Lumber Needs of Post Frame Building to Traditional Building Techniques image below

Image result for small stick framing building by Energy Vanguard
Example of Traditional Stick Frame Building Image Energy Vanguard
Have you been to the Lumber yard lately?  The cost of lumber used to build homes and buildings is at an all-time high for my lifetime.  Does it really matter what is inside your walls as long as it is meets or exceeds building codes for structural framing, energy efficiency, and holds up the roof of the home? 

Construction Estimate Example for Lumber requirement comparing Post Frame Wall 24 feet Long to stick frame wall 24 feet long both of which are 8 feet tall using board feet calculations using actual Board Feet of Lumber.

Post FrameStick Frame
 true dimensional 4x6 posts @ 8 feet spacing = 4 = 68 board feet (site built posts would be even less)2x6 studs @ 24 in spacing= 14 qty = 77 board feet
3-2x4 Runners = 31.5 Board Feet2x6 top and bottom plates= 38board feet
Total: 99.5 Board FeetTotal: 115 Board Feet
Savings of 15.5 Board Feet15.5 more board feet
x 4 walls = 62 Board Feet Saved(almost the total board feet needed for the posts in one wall)Door/Window Framing is a push or equal needs on construction techniques for this comparison.
Board Feet Calculator

Upcoming MOhemp Energy Blog Post will compare the materials inside your wall and its energy efficiency R Values. 


Fwd: Jul. 02 - Cheapest solar ever for Austin Energy; What happened when NRG disrupted itself

Utility Dive Solar SEPA
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Georgia Power unveils rooftop solar installation offering

The utility will not yet offer leasing or loan financing and the solar arrays "will not be rate based assets," an executive told Utility Dive.

Maine lawmakers override Gov. LePage's veto of value of solar bill

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HECO files with regulators to cut solar net metering rates in half

HECO also wants to up the minimum monthly bill to cover a cost shift it says costs $53 million per year.

Despite declaring energy sales illegal, Duke will connect solar array owned by third party

Energy advocates and the regulated utility are on a collision course over rules restricting the sale of energy by third parties.

Minn. PUC approves Xcel-solar industry deal on community shared solar

State regulators limit co-located projects to 5 MW while Xcel promises to speed approvals.

Study: More than half of large US businesses generate power on site

Businesses are increasingly focused on keeping down energy costs, and a growing number are generating some portion of their own electricity needs.

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New SEPA white papers

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