Free Seed Giveaway Prizehead Lettuce

Seems like just a few weeks ago I was watching the lettuce sprout.
2017 garden photos
Prize Head Lettuce Plant Date April 9, 2017
August 2, 2017 Video of Bee Pollinating the Prize Head Lettuce
Natural Pollination Prizehead Lettuce August 2017
Bee Pollinating Prizehead Lettuce August 2017
 Prizehead Lettuce Growing Experience-

After watching the video I tried out the technique and found it worked!

Prizehead Lettuce Seed Harvest 2017
Prizehead Lettuce Seed 1st Harvest 2017

I made a couple of folds of seed saved from the early bloomers and have been waiting for the Mother-Lode seed giveaway.

Motherlode Seed Giveaway- Thousands of Prizehead Lettuce Seeds 2017
thousands of freshly harvested Prizehead Lettuce Seeds
Prizehead Lettuce Motherlode Seed Giveaway
Date of Giveaway will start soon, I will clean and prep the seeds for mid-summer planting allowing plenty of time for fall/ pre-winter fresh lettuce harvest.

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