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Renewable Energy fills Tank vacated by Oil Industry

Motely Fools are Foolish-here is why

I realize this is a oil industry story and the writers promote and own stock in the oil industry but I feel actions mentioned by Motely Fool and their latest article: Crude Price Crash Could Drill a 19 Million-Barrel Hole in Future Supplies.   Is another example of where renewable energy will fill the gap that dirty oil is unable to fill.

Another Example where Renewable Energy fills Tank 

The article states that future oil supplies are in jeopardy because of the lack of drilling ventures being pursued around the world at the present.  Motley Fool implies that due to feasibility issues are the driving force behind the lack of drilling ventures being pursued-regardless of location whether its deep water drilling, tar sand mining, or drilling on land.  Will leave the future world in short supply.

They state that all the big names in the dirty oil business have cancelled or postponed future wells.  Who would have envisioned (Exon, Total, TPH, Statoil) from not continuing the business as usual of harvesting the polluting the World with the dirty oil they take out of the earth.

Using Friday 11.27.2015 NYMEX oil price for January delivery of $41.71 per barrel.  I calculate that 19 million barrels at $41.71 equals close to 800 trillion dollars that dirty oil will not have  [(19,000,000,000 barrels) x ($41.71 NYMEX per barrel)= $792,490,000,000].
Climate Change Demonstrators dressed as Angels with Coal Kills Signs
#COP21 Demonstrators 

The Motely Fools are Foolish

They failed to consider and I don't think they had the forethought to consider how Renewable and Sustainable Energy is primed and will be ready to meet this demand left by the supposed lack of oil reserves.

This is great news for both the Climate of the World and the Future of the Renewable Energy business such as biodiesel, solar, wind, hydrogen, and electricity storage companies.

I'm sure that Tesla Motors is licking their chops at the chance to meet the upcoming demand.

          The Oil Industry and their future in the energy 
business is in serious jeopardy. 
At long last mankind will loosened from the poisonous grip the dirty oil industry has had on the world since the dawn of the industrial age.   
The biggest question is will it be done in time to avoid the devastating effects of climate change.

Intelligent Energy’s CEO, Henri Winand, has today welcomed a landmark declaration, announced at the COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris, which sees a range of global actors from large companies to international organisations committing to increasing the adoption of electric and hydrogen vehicle technology in order to drastically reduce emissions and slow the rate of global warming.

The Paris Declaration on Electro-Mobility and Climate Change & Call to Action brings together individual and collective commitments to increase electro-mobility to levels compatible with a less-than 2-degree pathway. It builds on current successful experiences worldwide and the converging interest of all transport modes for hybrid/electric solutions.

Partners to the Declaration (see table below) commit to broaden their efforts and call for a decisive joint effort towards sustainable transport electrification – including that at least 20% of all road vehicles (cars, 2 and 3-wheelers, trucks, buses and others) are to be electrically powered by 2030.
#COP21 #OursToLose

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$100+ Oil Barrel Break-even in Low Carbon Economy

The billions being invested in renewable energy, nuclear and 'clean' coal will pay off financially if oil is over $100 a barrel in 2020, says the energy and climate change secretary-

UK-Break-even for low-carbon economy is $100 a barrel oil, says Chris Huhne

Damian blog : Oil Reaches Fourteen-Month High, Driving Gas and Home Heating Prices Up
Traders set the crude oil price in the options pit at the New York Mercantile Exchange. Illustration: Mario 

The UK's ambitious low-carbon energy plans will mean energy consumers paying lower bills in 2020 if oil is over $100 per barrel, compared to a fossil-fuelled future. That price is the break-even point, said the energy and climate change secretary, Chris Huhne, today.
I think it is an important number, because it clearly shows why a failure to invest the large sums of money needed into renewable energy, nuclear power and carbon capture and storage would be a false economy.

Here's what he told a conference at the Royal Geographical Society in London today. Bear in mind the price of oil (Brent crude) is $104 as I write:

If we relied on oil and gas, and the price stayed relatively low at $80 a barrel then consumers will pay more under our policies – about an extra 1% on their bills by 2020.

At the oil price reached this month - $100 a barrel or more – consumers will pay less through the low carbon energy policies than they would pay for fossil fuel policies.

And if the US administration is right, and the price is $108 a barrel in 2020, then our consumers are winning hands down.
So, as Huhne put it, when people say the energy policies his government are pursuing are far too costly, the reply is "hang on, what is this other world?" Predicting oil prices is a black art of course, but the question is do you think the price of oil is going to remain flat for the next nine years?

He also made another argument for low carbon energy investment: insulation from oil and gas price shocks. He said:
I asked economists at DECC to look at how a 1970s style oil price shock would play out today. They found that if the oil price doubled, it could lead to a cumulative loss of GDP of around £45 billion over 2 years. [The oil price rose fivefold in the 1970s].

And this is not just far-off speculation: it is a threat here and now. The Office of Budget Responsibility forecast that if oil prices rose by 20% - as they have since October – the total cost to the economy would be £4.5bn.

Oil and gas will play an important role in the low-carbon shift. But in the long term, getting off the oil hook will make our economy more independent, more secure and more stable.
We rightly hear a lot about the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and are promised that the UK's economic recovery should include an industrial resurgence based on clean technology. In terms of the three crucial tests of energy policy - low carbon, security and cost - it's the latter that had been least convincing, making the arguments above significant.
One other part of the speech stuck out for me: more startling numbers from China, which just might change the world with its new five year economic plan. China is undoubtedly running fastest in the race for leadership in green technology.

Huhne reeled the numbers off - China's $34bn pumped into the low-carbon economy in 2009 - by way of arguing that even if the UN climate talks look like dragging on for years, some countries were acting anyway. These two stuck out for me:
China will build 24 nuclear power stations in the time it takes us to build one. By 2020, their nuclear capacity will have increased tenfold.
They will complete 16,000km of high-speed rail in the time it takes us to go from London to Birmingham.
Does a low carbon future really look so scary?

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