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Andalay Solar Power, Specs

Andalay is an Integrated Solar Power System Built-in Reliability & Safety * No single point of system failure * Built-in electrical and ground connectors cannot loosen or be installed incorrectly * No dangerous 600 volt DC wiring * Shorter wire lengths are less likely to fail by pinching or abrading * 70% fewer roof-assembled parts means a longer lasting system * 25% fewer roof attachment points means greater roof integrity * Grounding process cannot skip panels, connectors will not wear or corrode High Performance * 5 - 25% better performance than ordinary DC panels * Built in microinverter delivers greater production in low light conditions on a per module basis * Latest generation monocrystalline cell technology * Output tolerance of just 3% means the promised power is delivered * Lighter weight and less space between panels so more can fit on a roof * Lower electrical resistance losses due to shorter wire lengths Convenience and Safety for Customer and Installer * Andalay modules are UL listed and CSA certified and meet National Electrical Code requirements * A lighter system that requires a single hand tool to install makes it safer for the installer * Microinverters are fully compliant with UL 1703 solar test and National Electric Code requirements Beautiful Design * No external racks or dangling wires for a clean, uncluttered look * No bulky inverters or unsightly wiring * No gaps between panels for a contiguous, smooth appearance * Panels and all hardware are flat black – they look like skylights! Long Warranty * 12/25 year power output Andalay module warranty provides confidence in purchasing today and protection in the future * 15 Year Standard Microinverter Warranty Environmentally Sensitive * No external cardboard packaging means less waste to dispose * Lighter weight and fewer parts means fewer resources required to produce and less fuel needed to transport

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