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Jill Stien says COP21 has FAILED the people

Jill 2016
Dear Friend --

I wanted to report back to you after an intense week in Paris, where the global community was gathered for the COP21 UN Climate Summit.
Firstly, the recent tragic attacks in Paris, California and elsewhere weighed heavily on the week’s proceedings, so that the struggle against climate crisis was embedded in a landscape of terrorism and violence.
As global crises of climate, security, the economy, and democracy converge, we must redouble our efforts for transformational solutions to build a world of peace, justice, and human rights. I spoke about some of these solutions at a People’s Climate Summit conference on climate and militarism, which you can read more about here.
As the summit progressed and its final outcome took shape, it became clear that COP21 has failed to take the action necessary to prevent global climate catastrophe.
The voluntary, unenforceable pledges being produced by COP21 are entirely insufficient to prevent climate crisis. Scientific analysis shows that these pledges will lead us to 3 degrees centigrade global temperature rise - and that will be catastrophic.
Some of the pledges being touted as historic agreements could actually result in increases in emission of greenhouse gasses. Plans are adopting deceptive measures of success, such as reductions in the amount of carbon emitted per unit of GDP. Countries are claiming to be making progress when they are not reducing their actual pollution by a single ounce. Mother Nature doesn’t respond to such games. It is the real quantity of pollution that determines whether we will destroy the climate or save it.
Despite the seriousness of the threat, some of the major polluters remain committed to protecting the fossil fuel industry rather than taking serious action. I include in that group the United States, wherePresident Obama’s promotion of the hydrofracking industry is leading to a spreading cancer of polluted groundwater and fracked gas pipelines. These pipelines, along with expansion of offshore oil drilling, have to be stopped if we are to make our required contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
The United States and other industrial nations are failing to adequately fund transition and adaptation efforts in developing countries. It is the US and major industrialized countries that are primarily responsible for climate change. We have both a moral and legal responsibility to compensate other countries for the damages we have inflicted, and to enable them to find sustainable paths to development that will raise their standards of living.
One area of progress in Paris was growing recognition of the need to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees centigrade, rather than 2.0 degrees. It is now clear that many countries will experience catastrophic damage from the higher target. Unfortunately, the current agreements won't even keep global warming below 3 degrees. However, the new international target of 1.5 degrees does provide a tool to push our local, state and national governments to accelerate the transition to 100% clean renewable energy as quickly as possible.
I had the honor of speaking to attendees of the Belong Forum in a program that included China’s deputy chief climate negotiator and other leading climate advocates. China has recently reoriented its economic planning to make climate protection a primary goal of its development plans. Also, as a result of its recent election, Canada has a government that is promising more vigorous support for climate protection.
The United States also needs to move forward.
The United States bears primary responsibility for killing hope for a binding international treaty to avert climate catastrophe. I will return to the United States determined to work to break the grip of the fossil fuel industry on Congress and the White House. Our country must begin to show the leadership the world needs at this critical moment in human history.
It's time for the people of all nations - whose future is being sacrificed by the failure of COP21 - to demand that their leaders live up to their responsibilities for protecting us from climate change.
We must insist that the polluting engines of planetary destruction be replaced by the clean, sustainable, just economy that we truly deserve.
We must take our future into our own hands, and give our children a livable world.
It’s in our hands!

Jill Stein signature
PS. Humankind has never so urgently needed a political movement that puts people and planet over profit. Your support helps us to continue building this vital movement together. Please support my campaign today so I can bring the call for real climate action into the 2016 Presidential race. Thank you for all that you do!

Renewable Energy fills Tank vacated by Oil Industry

Motely Fools are Foolish-here is why

I realize this is a oil industry story and the writers promote and own stock in the oil industry but I feel actions mentioned by Motely Fool and their latest article: Crude Price Crash Could Drill a 19 Million-Barrel Hole in Future Supplies.   Is another example of where renewable energy will fill the gap that dirty oil is unable to fill.

Another Example where Renewable Energy fills Tank 

The article states that future oil supplies are in jeopardy because of the lack of drilling ventures being pursued around the world at the present.  Motley Fool implies that due to feasibility issues are the driving force behind the lack of drilling ventures being pursued-regardless of location whether its deep water drilling, tar sand mining, or drilling on land.  Will leave the future world in short supply.

They state that all the big names in the dirty oil business have cancelled or postponed future wells.  Who would have envisioned (Exon, Total, TPH, Statoil) from not continuing the business as usual of harvesting the polluting the World with the dirty oil they take out of the earth.

Using Friday 11.27.2015 NYMEX oil price for January delivery of $41.71 per barrel.  I calculate that 19 million barrels at $41.71 equals close to 800 trillion dollars that dirty oil will not have  [(19,000,000,000 barrels) x ($41.71 NYMEX per barrel)= $792,490,000,000].
Climate Change Demonstrators dressed as Angels with Coal Kills Signs
#COP21 Demonstrators 

The Motely Fools are Foolish

They failed to consider and I don't think they had the forethought to consider how Renewable and Sustainable Energy is primed and will be ready to meet this demand left by the supposed lack of oil reserves.

This is great news for both the Climate of the World and the Future of the Renewable Energy business such as biodiesel, solar, wind, hydrogen, and electricity storage companies.

I'm sure that Tesla Motors is licking their chops at the chance to meet the upcoming demand.

          The Oil Industry and their future in the energy 
business is in serious jeopardy. 
At long last mankind will loosened from the poisonous grip the dirty oil industry has had on the world since the dawn of the industrial age.   
The biggest question is will it be done in time to avoid the devastating effects of climate change.

Intelligent Energy’s CEO, Henri Winand, has today welcomed a landmark declaration, announced at the COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris, which sees a range of global actors from large companies to international organisations committing to increasing the adoption of electric and hydrogen vehicle technology in order to drastically reduce emissions and slow the rate of global warming.

The Paris Declaration on Electro-Mobility and Climate Change & Call to Action brings together individual and collective commitments to increase electro-mobility to levels compatible with a less-than 2-degree pathway. It builds on current successful experiences worldwide and the converging interest of all transport modes for hybrid/electric solutions.

Partners to the Declaration (see table below) commit to broaden their efforts and call for a decisive joint effort towards sustainable transport electrification – including that at least 20% of all road vehicles (cars, 2 and 3-wheelers, trucks, buses and others) are to be electrically powered by 2030.
#COP21 #OursToLose

Thank You for stopping by-Share and Comment below. If additional information in needed or you have a question let me know. Together we can make a difference and create a future that will benefit everyone. Build a Green StLouis Green Building Tips and Resources via: Scotty- St Louis Renewable Energy Green Blog


COP21 StLouis Climate March at the Arch

Here are my 10 biggest takeaways from the #OursToLose Climate March at the Arch in StLouis. In which I was proud participant in last Sunday at the Arch.

The gathering of like minded individuals was an eye opening experience for me to say the least.
#OursToLose Climate March at the Arch in StLouis gathering at the StLouis City Hall
#OursToLose Climate March at the Arch in StLouis

I learned in the brief correspondence while talking to the other participants that:

  1. There were as many older generations ages- 50 plus, as younger generations of less than 30 years old- that care about the health of our Planet and Pollution that is causing world wide climate change from the business as usual approach of the Big Business Polluting Machines 
  2. The participants were interested and knowledgeable to the importance of Energy Conservation as well as generating True Clean Energy
    Scotty at the Climate March #OursToLose StLouis Participants
  3. Climate March #OursToLose StLouis Participants are not happy with the local activities of the Dirty Coal Machine Ameren UE.  
    News Four interviewing #OursToLose StLouis Program organizer
  4. Some of the local Solar Installation Companies in StLouis are not adequately trained in the proper ways of installing Solar Racking on challenging roofs
    Arch Ground Image participants at the Climate March supporting #COP21
  5. Pointing our finger at other countries such as China who is a big polluter, does not help at the Local Level.  I firmly believe that society as a whole needs to: Chop Wood and Carry Water- mankind must not point to another country without taking care of business at home
    Don't be Fooled by the Dirty Coal Plant Misleading Dirty Coal Image Labadie Power Plant
  6. It was great to see a #BlackLivesMatter supporter at the march!  Climate Change affects everyone regardless of Race, Creed, or Community Status- we are all in this together
    #BlackLivesMatter supporter at the march!  Climate Change affects everyone regardless of Race, Creed, or Community Status
  7. People that live around the Labadie Dirty Coal Plant are worried about their Personal and Families Health from the Pollution via the noted 4th Dirtiest Coal Plant in the Entire USA.
    Labadie Dirty Coal Plant 4th Dirtiest Coal Plant in the Entire USA
  8. The boundary line between my activities and what I'm doing needs to be broken in relation to networking with other clean energy and energy conservation promoters and businesses in the St Louis region.  We are all in this together and their is plenty of work and buildings in the StLouis region for everyone.  I personally need to extend the Olive Branch to others in the region to lend my support for their activities as well as letting them know of what I am working on.  I believe in action over inaction and start by listing the information from 2 of the companies working in the area right here that were also proud participants at the #COP21 #OursToLose StLouis Climate March.  Please check out their websites and to give them a call: Aaron Michel Energy Resources Group, inc and Brian Ettling Climate Change Communicator 
    Just like a giant fishbowl with rising tides climate change affects everyone
  9. You will meet some of the nicest people at Social Gatherings and as it was pointed out you can even find love and meet the person of your dreams! 
    Love was in the Air COP21 Climate March at the Arch StLouis MO
  10. I believe to put up or shut up.  And to prove this I will be offering rock bottom prices on any energy conservation activities I will be doing for my StLouis neighbors.  I am going to cut the prices of any and all activities for the remainder of the 2015.  I'm sure this will make the bookkeeper cringe but I will offer a 50% labor discount on any and all green building projects that I bid on for the remainder of the year.

We can build a green St Louis- Join Me in making the world and our region a better place for all.

Thank You for stopping by-Share and Comment below. If additional information in needed or you have a question let me know. Together we can make a difference and create a future that will benefit everyone. Build a Green StLouis Green Building Tips and Resources via: Scotty- St Louis Renewable Energy Green Blog

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