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Part 4 in Weatherization Series

If you have the question:
Why is my house so Cold? Why are the walls so cold? Why are the outer rooms of my house so cold? Where are these cold air drafts coming from? Why is it costing me so much to heat my house? Why is my Heating Bill so high? How do I lower my heating bills? What are the recommended ways to lower my heating bills?

I've designed this CAD Diagram to explain how hot and cold temperature seeps into a home with 2x4 walls with 0 (zero) insulation.

You can see by the blue areas how solid materials transfer the temperature.

Standard or Minimum Code Wall Framing consisting of
Siding on Exterior of Building
1/2 in Plywood or OSB Particle Board
2x4 Framing Member Wall Stud
1/2 in Drywall or Sheet Rock

The hot/cold temperature (Blue Areas in Diagram) on the Exterior of the Building is transferred to the Interior of the Building by Conduction The simplest explanation I can use to demonstrate and explain this is too use this example:
"...when you are using a Metal Cooking Utensil to stir a pot of chili. If the utensil is left in the pot of chilli for any length of time. The heat will eventually transfer up the utensil handle and will usually burn your hand or fingers. Heat and Cold enter a Building in the same way; unless, there is some form of Insulation or Thermal Break to prevent the conduction of energy..." from article--> Part 3 How to Build and Remodel to reduce Energy Loss / Gain in Todays Modern Buildings

Now that your understand how Energy is transferred thru building materials I'll explain the various ways that Insulation:
Slows down and Reduces this form of Energy Loss in an upcoming post.

If you have any questions or comments about this article or schedule an appointment use this link to schedule a
Free Proposal on Weatherizing your Building to save money and reduce your Winter-Time Energy Bills
and Scotty, Scotts Contracting will return your Weatherization request asap.

I will save you money, Scotty

CAD Diagram courtesy of Scotty, Scotts Contracting explaining how hot and cold temperature is transferred thru building materials into your home.

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