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Petition For Ameren Keep NetMetering Standard as Voted on by MO Voters

Bottom Line: Ameren is attempting to sway the Missouri Government to change the laws that we the voters voted for long ago. The company boasts of making millions in profits but can't divvy up for when we connect to the grid and send our clean energy back to them-that they get to say is part their system since it counts towards their renewable energy mandate.

If Ameren UE didn't have the 4th Dirtiest Coal Burning electrical plant (#Labadie) or was making strides to fix this issue I might be a little more swayed that they can't meet the obligation.

Hell the shipping costs for them to ship the coal here from Wyoming is a million dollars and this cost was passed onto we the consumers. The simple way to reduce this million dollars to make electricity in MO that doesn't need outside dirty coal.Ameren Missouri: Continue Offering Solar Rebates On Friday, October 11th, 2013 Ameren Missouri filed paperwork with the Public Service Commision asking for permission to st…