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Decks Notes, Examples, Ideas, Drawings

A client has asked me for Notes, Examples, Ideas, Drawings for Decks.

This link to all about ​Decks From my Website- all kinds of different things and information. The following image is a simple deck bench with a straight back followed by a photo of a Angled Back Deck Bench.

This Bench I made for the Picnic Table from leftover scrap wood I didn’t want to throw away.

I like the Angled Back Bench Seat it makes the seat like an actual comfortable lawn chair.

Deck Benches are kool.  They are not building code compliant.  “If you ever got in trouble in the future they would ask you to make them code compliant.”  Like they did on the following jobs site deck project photos. I did for a guy for totally different reasons.  (the building inspector and the realtor didn’t get along.  The building inspector was right the deck wasn’t right but there was nothing wrong with the deck. I painted it, added metal bracing, fixed the stairs, and added lattice.)   Saving a Deck From the Landfill- StLouis, MO - …