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Deck Safety Support Beam

In addition to the 2 prior blog posts on deck safety anchor point support.
Deck Failure Prevention Building Safety IssueDeck Failure FIXED Prevented Building Safety Issue 3. The opportunity presented itself with this deck to add a Double 2x6 Support Beam.  This Support Beam cut the stress load on the Ledger board by over 50%.  It reduced the ledger board tributary load by 85%.

The new support beam now carries the biggest percentage of the load on the deck.
this blog post is not the place to teach about tributary loads.  A quick duckduckgo search pointed me to the following link:
Tributary Areas for Gravity LoadsLast Revised: 11/04/2014 If the beam is supporting a floor, roof, or wall that has a pressure loading normal to the surface, the total force on the beam equals the area of surface supported (i.e. the tributary area)...

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Deck Failure FIXED Prevented Building Safety Issue

2x12 Ledger Support Masonry Brick Wall Attachment Photos, Notes, and Annotations.
2x12 Ledger Board was attached to the freshly Tuckpointed Masonry Wall with 2- one-half inch lag bolts and anchors at Sixteen Inches On Center (1/2" x 6" Lag Bolts).Every other Deck Joist.
Next step is the installation of the Double Ledger that will support the Deck Joists in addition to a 3rd Deck Support Point.

________ The Deck to House Attachment Point or lack thereof seems to be somewhat of a common occurrence the photos below "Bring the Deck to Current Building Codes or Tear it Down" Because the Deck was not built to current Building Codes the St Louis Building Code Department required. Photo 1 and 2: Building Code Official- Required to add 1/2 inch diameter lag bolts every 16 inches

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Deck Failure Prevention Building Safety Issue

One of the reasons that decks collapse is the connection point at the wall, As seen in the following photo: Ledger Board is not attached to the brick wall.  

Currently: This area is supported by a cobbled up support post that rests on the Lower Stairway.  This is not to building codes and is a SAFETY Issue.

July 19, 2016 Update: Deck Failure FIXED Prevented Building Safety Issue

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Deck comes to life with TPWStain

Exterior Deck Re-Stain Before~After Photos~Tips by Scotty

Notice the dull appearance of the existing worn out finish on the Oak wood grain in the before photos.
Then watch it come to life as the TWP 1500brings out the beauty and richness of the Oak Wood Grain.
Today's project is staining this deck to preserve the lumber — Scotty (@StLHandyMan) September 21, 2015

The deck was a few years overdue: existing finish, in many places was completely worn away by the elements and by use.  
Old Stain was worn completely out and was not protecting the lumber  from the elements or wear and tear of normal activities.

After the first coat of stain had ample time to be absorbed by the Oak Deck Materials, it became apparent that a second coat of stain was going to be needed to fully protect the lumber adding years of future use.
#Deck-Before photos taken while waiting on USPS to deliver the stain the client special ordered. Not avail locally. — Scotty…

Saving a Deck and Stairs Material List

Material List for Saving the Deck - Client six thousand dollars with Exterior Stair Rebuild Photos

While dismantling the stairs to replace the rotten stair stringers and posts, it became clear there was a reason that the stairs had rotted.  It wasn't long after getting to the last stair removal that the answer to my question became readily apparent as I was getting doused by the automatic garden sprinkler.

Water Problem from sprinkler- coupled with the style that the previous builder used to construct the stairs by layering the 2x12s instead of using Stair Stringer Hangers also caused water build ups that led the the wood rotting faster.

Deck Stairs Material List:

5-2x12x86-1x6x82 small box 2 & 3 in deck screws2-4x4x8 posts4-2x12 Stair Stringer Hanger (Simpson Strong Tie)2-4x4 Composite Post Base

Material and Tool List for Saving the Deck and Cash

37 composite 6 x 6 post base caps40 bags Quickcrete (Fast)3 bags sand topping mix1 bag Portland Cement16- 24 in #4 Rebar (1/2 in x 8 i…