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Andalay Solar Power " Details "

Designed for Maximum Reliability and Systematic Installation Solar systems must last decades in the harsh environment of your roof. To ensure these systems last, meticulous engineering design was applied to build the next generation in solar systems that eliminates exposure of weather sensitive components. Andalay is designed for primary assembly at our factory, not at your home like ordinary solar systems. The result is an integrated solar system that will provide decades of reliable solar power performance. With “Good Looks” to Match Andalay’s Meticulous Design In addition to Andalay providing a more reliable system that delivers decades of solar power performance, it also delivers a cleaner and more attractive look. With its slimmer panels, invisible electrical cabling and hidden mounting system, Andalay takes less room while blending into your roof like a skylight. A Whole New Look to Solar Power ST175-1 Andalay Mechanical Specifications - System Racking hardware Integrated Exte…