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My Earth Day Celebration-Benton Rehab Project

Scotts Contracting Green Team Celebrated Earth Day 2013 by Starting Stage2 Benton Rehab Project:Replacing Water Damaged Roof on the Benton Warehouse!
See photos of the before work that must be completed before starting the renovation at Scotts Contracting Google Plus Photo Album After we get the existing roof removed we will be Welding Bar Joists and Pan Decking to the existing metal support beams before covering will a concrete topping and weatherproofing. Stay Tuned for additional details and photos of the new roof we will be adding!  As well as all the stages of work to be done prior to adding the new roof structure.  To Include: Extensive Tuckpointing to the Building and Rebuilding the Garage and Man doors on the Main Street Access.

Day 2-Dumpster Delivery & Rain Delay

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