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Earth Hour- Will Save Energy

TOMORROW NIGHT, AUSTRALIA will be among the world's first nations to turn off the lights for Earth Hour. Famous national landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Federation Square will be plunged into darkness along with hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses to draw attention to the climate crisis.

The massive challenge of climate change is driven largely by our dependence on fossil fuel energy. The coal, oil and gas the world burns each and every year produces billions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Securing a safe climate will require nothing less than an unparalleled restructuring of the global energy system.

With that in mind, many will wonder how switching off the lights for one hour a year helps. Is this approach really the best way to tackle climate change?

We must remember that a quarter of the globe's population is without access to electricity at all, and not because they choose to.

The world is fast approaching a population of nine billion peo…