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Home Fire Repair and Remodel

The following photos are images from the job site, highlighting areas that the prior weatherization crews missed -when they were insulating this building.  
The missing insulation in critical areas causes greater energy needs - adding to the carbon footprint of this home.

The Hemp Insulation Solutions to Thermal Bridging

Fire repair, gut rehab- property was one of the most insulated buildings I've worked on in StLouis (that wasn't mine). The prior so called "energy experts" who installed all the insulation, missed insulting the spots most needed. In this home's lower floor is where a garage and storage rooms are located. There are two giant heat traps one of which extends thru the home to the roof area- the chimney & The other heat sink is the metal post and beam system that supports the second floor;floor. Heat and cold transfer thru denser materials faster and more efficiently that a porous substance. All the second floor boards are supported by this heat s…

Hemp Environmental Forum

Hemp Environmental Forum and how it all began

Hemp Environment Forum > How it all began!
Posted by Hemp Environmental Forum on Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hemp Environment Forum and how it all began> Public Document No Sign in reguried. { this was the only way I could fig out to preserve the links, websites, information, etc that everyone has contributed so far. } This is Google Cloud Document-viewing privelages only to preserve the information.

Thank You for stopping by-Share and Comment below. If additional information in needed or you have a question let me know. Together we can make a difference and create a future that will benefit everyone. Build a Green StLouis Green Building Tips and Resources via: Scotty- St Louis Renewable Energy Green Blog

Hemp and Kenaf Raw Materials For Sale

Hemp and Kenaf Raw Materials For Sale
Hemp and Kenaf Farm images from my latest Hemp Farm Connection that sells:
Bulk Hemp Seeds for planting- Fiber or Seed, as well as Kenaf Seeds

Core and Hurds are available in 3 different sizes for different applications and uses!

Bulk Hemp and Kenaf Fibers

Mobile and Stationary Equipment needed to process your 
Hemp or Kenaf into sell-able and usable items.

And the best part is that this is a Family Operation!

see images of the Family Run Kenaf and Hemp farming operation at the
MOhemp Energy Blog
 - See more at: