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Home Fire Repair and Remodel

The following photos are images from the job site, highlighting areas that the prior weatherization crews missed -when they were insulating this building.  
The missing insulation in critical areas causes greater energy needs - adding to the carbon footprint of this home.

The Hemp Insulation Solutions to Thermal Bridging

Fire repair, gut rehab- property was one of the most insulated buildings I've worked on in StLouis (that wasn't mine). The prior so called "energy experts" who installed all the insulation, missed insulting the spots most needed. In this home's lower floor is where a garage and storage rooms are located. There are two giant heat traps one of which extends thru the home to the roof area- the chimney & The other heat sink is the metal post and beam system that supports the second floor;floor. Heat and cold transfer thru denser materials faster and more efficiently that a porous substance. All the second floor boards are supported by this heat s…

StLouis Environmental Startup Proposes Phytoremediation of Contaminated Soil

Have you heard about the natural solution to the problem of the nuclear radiation at Bridgeton Landfill?  MOhemp Energy is proposing to utilize Industrial Hemp for Income and to remediate the toxic soil at the Landfill.

Wiki defines Phytoremediation:Phytoremediation(fromAncient Greekφυτο(phyto), meaning "plant", andLatinremedium, meaning "restoring balance") describes the treatment ofenvironmentalproblems (bioremediation) through the use ofplantsthat mitigate the environmental problem without the need to excavate the contaminant material and dispose of it elsewhere.
Phytoremediation is a cost-effective plant-based approach to remediation that takes advantage of the ability of plants to concentrate elements and compounds from the environment and to metabolize various molecules in their tissuesToxic heavy metals and organic pollutants are the major targets for phytoremediation.Knowledge of the physiological and molecular mechanisms of phytoremediation began to emerge i…

Remembering the Lessons of the Elders

SUSTAINABILITY IS KEY TO SURVIVALAs Posted IBSOArticles & Interviews on August 11, 2015
Remembering the lessons of the Elders…1989-The I first time ever heard about homes being completely self sufficient was in the drafting and engineering classes.  I silently thought: That Old Fool is spouting off at the mouth again.  Recycle their toilet water?  Make their own energy?  Completely self sufficient Homes?  That old blow hard that never grades my futurist home designs with angled roofs, siding on diagonal layouts, round windows…what does this old fool know about the future? Fast forward to 2015We now have: Net Zero Energy and Water Homes that are completely self sufficient.  That old fool didknow what he was talking about!  Maybe the real reason that my funky and modern designs didn’t grade well, was because they were wasteful or bad drawings.  Now that I’m in the actual building part of the design build community I realize: sure they’re cool to look at; but, expensive and wasteful to…

MOhemp Energy: The Key To Green Buildings

So why aren't more people adopting green building techniques into their home or business.  The biggest obstacle for adopting this technique into every building is the short term costs to implement these techniques.  

For those who have been reading about MOhemp Energy's plan to address this biggest obstacle: The technique and system of using the Hemp Seeds and Fibers to pay for every part of the process of growing and harvesting Hemp- from farming to the end result.  
This Will: enable MOhemp Energy to offer the Hemp Hurds to clients and customersat the lowest possible costs.  Enabling the Hemp Hurds used to make #Hempcretewith little to no expense.  Thus allowing cheap and inexpensive alternative tobuilding or renovating most any structureinto a sustainable building.
If you build or renovate as a DIY project yourself, the lower costing sustainable Hemp Hurds materials will be a minimal investment.
MOhemp Energy: The Key To Green Buildings

Scottys Speech HB830 Industrial Hemp for MO

Here is a copy of the speech notes and actual presentation notes I gave to the Missouri Legislative Ways and Means Committee Members in support of the HB830 Industrial Hemp Bill working through MoLeg.

              Knowing that my papers would get submitted with my testimony I went a little off my scripted notes and addressed a few concerns that I noticed the Legislators had made during the meeting:

During the discussion it became clear that the Legislators were concerned about how Law Enforcement Personnel would distinguish the difference between a Industrial Hemp plant and a Cannabis Plant used for Medical or Personal use.               Luckily I've been following how the Kentucky Law Enforcement have found in their states latest Hemp Legalization laws and quoted what I read about the Sheriff and what he learned: PR 

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Agriculture Commissioner James Comer applauded Christian County Sheriff Livy Leavell Jr. for supporting the production of industrial hemp in Kentucky…