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Can Plastics Be Sustainable?

 According to New Light Technologies yes it can!  From Greenhouse Gas to Plastic the new technology years in the making.

From the Article: 
the trick developed by Newlight Technologies lies in their biocatalyst: in the past, each kilogram of biocatalyst added to the mixture would be able to produce one kilogram of polymer before it expired...
"It is our belief that climate change is not going to be solved by subsidies or taxes. We think that the only way we are going to solve climate change, in the time and at the scale that is required, is through market-driven solutions," explained Herrema to Smithsonian Magazine. After their initial success, Newlight Technologies is focusing on expanding their operations, setting up production plants in states such as North Dakota and Texas, where practices such as fracking in rural areas creates an excess of methane that can literally be seen from space.

Newlight Technologies' next milestone of production is 50 million pounds (22.7 million kilograms) of plastic per year, but that's just the start. Herrema compares their technology to another breakthrough in plastic technology, Union Carbide's UNIPOL technology, saying that Newlight Technologies aims to achieve a similar scale to Union Carbide's peak of 60 billion pounds (27.2 billion kilograms) per year.
With ambitions like that, it may not be long before architects can talk about using plastic as a sustainable option, a material that sequesters carbon in much the same way as we talk of timber today.

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