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Putting 2 and 2 together

In a post on Empeopled the topic was 8 foot Lizards eating peoples Cats and disrupting the norm.   

To combat the lizard invasion patrols were increased with orders to shoot or capture- twenty were reported dispatched in July.

Putting 2 And 2 together I speculate:

The rising ocean sea level will drive both mankind and animals to dry ground which will cause a migration up into Northern Florida, Panhandle (my birthplace), and what's left of the gulf region.

The only thing hindering this Reptile invasion are the cool temps.  But since the Earth has warmed enough to raise the Ocean levels; also means that the Southern States of the U.S. have also warmed enough to make a Reptiles new home habitable.  

Once the reptiles have reached the Florida Panhandle region there is nothing stopping the migration into the neighboring states and westward- as far away as California.  

To think that humans could keep an animal from crossing an imaginary boundary when we can't even keep Illegals on their side will be the jokes of many Late Night Comedians

So its into Mexico and down into South America- the reptile migration will continue.  Only this time in reverse- oh the irony!

The effects of Climate Change will effect us all- If a Monitor Lizzard will eat a Cat- it could eat a child from someone's yard or playground.

Lizard King song: This is the End

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