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Alley Upcycling saved the dog

I found this perfectly good dog crate in an alley, all that was missing was a door! I also happened to have an old oven rack that was the perfect size for the opening of the crate. It was a match made in Dog Heaven (or Dog Hell if your are opposed to cages like I am.)

Alley Up-cycling saved the dog's good life of food, play and leisure. — Scotty (@StLHandyMan) July 15, 2015

Why a cage you ask?

My girl brought the little dog home to save it from a bad life.  And we fell for her.  She's gentle around the infant which was the key for a welcome into the family and the good life of food, play, and sleep as rewards for good behavior- Oh the Dogs Life!  The added bonus of sassy-playful disposition was perfect match to dog No.1.  
But she wouldn't stop using kitchen floor for toilet.
This drives me nuts.  My dogs have manners.  Almost at point of considering drastic measures of parting with the kool dog and kicking her out of the Family and good lif…