Kitchen Project Photos

Kitchen Project Photos

Before and After Kitchens Photos 

provided by Scotts Contracting.  

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Make cooking, dining, and entertaining easier with a 
kitchen that is full of style and amenities as it fits 
your family's needs. Get inspired by these amazing 
before and after kitchen makeovers, and 
start planning for a kitchen redo of your own.

Before: Cute but Cramped
This cottage kitchen was already quite cute; it just needed 
a more efficient layout and a little more light.
Awkwardly placed appliances and an overscale island 
took up valuable kitchen space, while doorways 
cut up even more of the 25x12-foot floor space.
The ceiling was oppressively low-only 7 feet 10 inches, 
adding to the confined feel.

After: Sweet and Spacious
By rearranging traffic patterns, removing walls, and improving the location of appliances, this kitchen got the extra light, space, and style it needed. Four tall windows above the sink, a creamy white palette, and reflective surfaces make the room feel open and airy. A coffered ceiling, arched doorways, and crown moldings reinforce the kitchen's cottage appeal.

 Before: In Need of Repair
This kitchen needed a complete overhaul of its cabinets, surfaces, and appliances
it had barely been updated since the home was built in 1966. An unnecessary row of upper and lower cabinets sliced the room in half, leaving a cramped space for cooking and another for dining.
After: Eco-Friendly Remodel
With a passion for all things green, the homeowners made sure their buying and building decisions were eco-friendly. They turned the layout 90 degrees, which opened up the spaceand brought in more natural light from a bay window by the banquette. They installed environmentally friendly materials and appliances: certified eucalyptus hybrid wood cabinetry, paint with no volatile organic compounds (zero-VOC), xenon lighting, recycled-glass tile backsplash,
and Energy Star-rated appliances. Article Continues

Article Supplied by:

Scott's Contracting

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I'm trying to help my fellow stlouis neighbors from getting sick from nuclear radiation #BioRad Hazardous Waste Disposal eliminates toxic radiation in the soil. Scotty, writes: Sustainable Buildings are the future of the Construction Industry and our future Energy needs will be met from true Clean Energy Sources as well as creating Net Zero Energy Efficient Buildings for a sustainable future. Design Build Contractor for the St Louis Region-Specializing in Energy Conservation Design Build Projects and Solar PV Clean Energy Systems

Proud promoter of: Green, Eco Friendly, and Sustainable Building Products with Energy Reducing Resources and On-Site Solar PV Clean Energy Systems for the St Louis Region and beyond. Let us show you how: Green Building Doesn't Cost it Saves!

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