Old Man Winter Loose in the USA

It's that time of year when Old Man Winter is knocking at our doors in the USA. Reduce your Energy Imprint, Carbon Foot Print, UN-Needed and Wasteful Energy Consumption by Winterizing your Home and Business.

The Money You Spend on Weatherization will come back to you in real time savings on your Heating Bills

Step 1: Check for Wind and Drafts in your Buildings Structure:

a) I check for air drafts entering your Buildings Interior by: Looking for air gaps by sight, feel or you can use a candle, Smudge Sticks, Incense Sticks (be care full of any open flame in your home/business; especially when testing by windows with Curtains).
b) Places to check: Windows, Doors, Visually Inspect Exterior of your Structure for signs of disrepair, Base Boards and Electrical Outlets around the exterior walls of your home, Electrical Outlets

Step 2: Stop the Cold Air from entering your Structure: Seal all Cracks, Air Gaps, Add Vapor Barriers and or Insulation Where Needed

a) Seal Cracks around Window Frames with Caulking/Expandable Foam.
+Caulking / Expandable Foam can be purchased at Home Improvement Stores, Hardware Stores, Lumber Yards;
+Cost $3-$5 / Tube or Can
+Foam Strips of Self Adhesive Strips can be added to the Window Frames
Costs: $5-$25 / Door

b) Doors:
+Self Adhesive Strips can be added to the Door Stops around the Door Frame
+Costs: $5-$25 / Door
Bottom of the Door is the Threshold and will create the largest air Gap, Stop Air Infiltration by Installing a New Threshold
+Costs: $10-$35 / Door
+ Seal Door Trim with Caulking (around Edges) Expandable Foam Insulation (behind the trim)
Costs: Cost $3-$5 / Tube or Can

c) Base Boards
+ Seal with Caulking or Remove and add Insulation in the Gap between wall material and Flooring
Costs: Caulking $3-$5 / Tube; Insulation $20-$45 / Roll

d) Exterior Electrical Outlets
+ Seal with Caulking or add Insulation in the Gap between wall material and Electric Box Remove Electric Box and Seal with Vapor Barrier / Insulation, then Re-Install Electrical Box and Components $20-$45 each by Qualified Handy Man or Electrician)
Costs: Caulking $3-$5 / Tube; Insulation $20-$45 / Roll

Step 3 Attic Insulation-Suggested Insulation Levels [R-Value] For the St Louis Region (suggestions by the US Dept of Energy)
  1. Attic Insulation Level Should be a Minimum Level R-49
  2. Wall Insulation Level Minimum Level R-13
  3. Flooring Insulation Minimum Level R-30
  4. Basement Interior Wall Minimum Level R-11
Additional Information on Insulation can be found:Insulating Roofs, Walls, and Floors , Attic Insulation and Attic Energy Solutions , Roof and Attic Ventilation , Fall Home Check Up Guide with Photos

Scotts Contracting is available to assist you in Lowering your Buildings Energy Needs- Click here to email: scottscontracting@gmail.com for any additional questions or to request a Free Green Site Evaluation. 

NOTE: For Every $1-Dollar Spent on Weatherization will Return a $2 Savings on your Energy Bills

Scotts Contracting Guarantees that with proper insulation levels and
stopping the Cold Air Drafts in your Building you will save money on your Heating Bills.Scotty

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