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Best run USA citys map via WalletHub

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Client Reduced Yearly Energy Use Update

A 68.6% decrease in energy use since the Energy Conservation Upgrades- was just shared to me from a past StLouis Homeowner-Client.  Clearly reflected by the yearly reduced energy needs in the photo of the monthly electric bill!  Proofpositive $1 spentearns $2 inenergysavings!Here are a few of the bigger changes made:Energy Star Refrigeratoryour fridge runs 24-7, 365. Energy Star Dual Pane WindowsAir Sealing Doors, Gaps and CracksLED Lighting and fixture upgradesZoned Heating SystemI'd also like to mention that the household is now actively recycling in their daily affairs!This clients reduced energy use is something that everyone in StLouis and downwind from Amerens coal plants should also appreciate.  This reduction in pollution was a deciding factor in the energy conservation measures and underlying reasons for the Energy Star measures taken.If you want to save money and reduce pollution let me by sending me a message and together WeCanBuildaGreenStLouis. Scotty