Missouri Ranks 6th from bottom

The two photos plainly show how #moleg Legislators are failing the people of Missouri when it comes to dirty energy money polluting our Great State.

I'm ashamed (to be perfectly honest) to live in a state that not only doesn't care for the welfare of its citizens and our basic rights of equality in everything.  (#Ferguson is a perfect example)  

These freedoms to live a prosperous and healthy lives are  robbed from every Missourian by the big business tyrants ruling the elected leaders and corrupting the welfare of its inhabitants. 

This forces the public to live in a modern day feudal system- paying homage to our "Big Business Overlord's" at the State Capital in Jefferson City, who control the Missouri Legislature Puppets. (Example #KochBrothers and their dirty coal pollution)

I've always felt the Laws and Regulations of Missouri are like living 10 years behind the progressive states on the coasts.  And the above photos highlight a perfect example of how Missouri lags behind other states.  

Every state that borders Missouri ranks higher than we do for energy efficiency.  And per the Dept of Energy's latest ruling on dirty coal pollution standards.  Missouri will soon be playing catch up and could be on the hook (monitary law suites from other surrounding states) for all the pollution it creates.  

Instead of being 'proactive' and addressing issues of creating a healthy environment for our state.  Our State Leaders would rather continue on the #dirtyenergy business as usual.  The dire consequences of increased health, livelihood, and safety issues caused by pollution will not go away on their own.

The question is: Will we continue down this path or will the citizens proactively gain the upper hand.  When Legislators fail the citizens, the only choice is for the public is to save itself.

Build a Green StLouis Scotty


Happy Mothers Day

To all the Moms on Mothers day.  I am working to create a pollution free World with: Solar and Sustainable Buildings, so your kids can live a healthy life!

We can build a Green StLouis!

Build a Green StLouis Scotty


Little Green Thumbs at it again

Vegie Tepee with climbing plants
Vegie Tepee Growing Great

A vegetable teepee a perfect solution.  The kids wanted a play house.  I wanted a garden spot in our small urban yard.  Going vertical with the vegetable teepee was the perfect solution to the confined space of an urban backyard- that met both of our wants!

Everything used to construct the vegetable teepee was a leftover and scrap of lumber from the garage.  This project I'm happy to say cost Zero $0.00 to build!  (My gf spent enough $ on flowers this year so I decided my Garden expenses this year would be minimal in costs and easy on the budget.) 

+ Teepee frame Brazilian Hardwood $0.00
+ vegetable runners scrap/feral trees cut from the alley $0.00
+ Baling wire and ZipTies job site leftover $0.00
+vegetable seeds: cucumber, pole beans, peas garden leftover $0.00
+ mulch recycled from another area in the yard $0.00

+ Tree Pruner - loppers
+  Wire Pliers
+ Garden Tools for mulch and planting

My goal for the project (besides growing food) is to continue the girls gardening education.  As the veggies are growing this year I plan to use this to continue the life lesson about what's in our food and how organic food is grown.

Stay tuned for pictures of the vegetable growth and highlights from the kids experience.

The oldest girl mentioned she is ready eat!

Build a Green StLouis Scotty


7 AC tuneup tips

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips see image

Cooling Equipment sales and servicing specializing in Energy Star Compliant Equipment and Installation

HVAC Summer Tuneup Services Offered
-Service Call- $75 includes seasonal check
-$20 Exterior Coil Cleaning
-$50 Interior Coil Cleaning

Seasonal check entailschecking refrigerant levels , proper air flow, a component check for efficiency and wear to make sure your HVAC system is operating in the most energy efficient manner possible.

Proper Refrigerant levels and pressure is checked and refilled.  The most requested HVAC Refrigerants used and requested are: R22, r410a, r134/mp39


HVAC services now available

Who: Mike HVAC Division
   StLouis Renewable Energy
   Scotts Contracting
What: Heating or Cooling Equipment sales and servicing specializing in Energy Star Compliant Equipment and Installation
Where: StLouis, MO
When: May 11, 2015
HVAC Summer Tuneup Services Offered:
-Service Call- $75 includes seasonal check
-$20 Exterior Coil Cleaning
-$50 Interior Coil Cleaning
Seasonal check entails: checking refrigerant levels , proper air flow, a component check for efficiency and wear to make sure your HVAC system is operating in the most energy efficient manner possible.
Proper Refrigerant levels and pressure is checked and refilled.  The most requested HVAC Refrigerants used and requested are: R22, r410a, r134/mp39
Payment Options: Cash, Check, Debit, or Credit Card

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