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Our blog of the "green revolution" will bring concrete solutions to make your everyday life more green!

Integration into our everyday lives sustainable development involves learning new gestures and new, more sustainable patterns of consumption, and the judgment of consumerism and waste (human and natural resources). We consume on average 35 kg of fish per year, three times more than 60 years and 1/3 of these species is now threatened by overfishing. 

A more reasoned and greener use of the earth's resources will be inevitable (fight against the acidification of oceans and fisheries stocks will be exhausted according to experts in 2050), and many marine species are becoming rare or are threatened extinction (bluefin, dugong) or endangered and among them the most consumed marine species such as cod or sardines or anchovies (stop the skimming technique and aileronnage or end ning ). 

The "sixth continent plastic" in the ocean: the plastic e is not digestible, once it is in the intestines of marine mammals (whale, fin whale, whale, dolphin, Beluga narval),  it accumulates and obstructs the bowel. 
Plastic does not directly kill the animal, but causes malnutrition and makes him sick, making the animal suffer needlessly until his death.

The impact of global warming is visible on the flora and fauna: the proliferation of jellyfish, coral bleaching in all the seas of the world, the spread of invasive species (tiger mosquito, Asian hornet, bull frog, turtle Florida, Louisiana crayfish, catfish, Nile perch, Schools ureuil gray, processionary caterpillar, red weevil, fire ant, or seaweed:  caulerpa taxifolia ) and tropical diseases (dengue, chikungunya , malaria, ebola, zika ...).

The exploitation and consumption of rare earths, such as cerium, thulium and lutetium   (materials contained in our mobile phones and smartphones, tablets, computers ..), and pol lution electromagnetiagnetic related to the use of its aircraft are serious consequences on the state of the environment. 

C ette quote An toin e de Saint-Exupéry invites us to preserve our environment for future generations "We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children." 

Change our lifestyle to a more solidarity economy (SSE and sharing economy ,

Learn to sustainably manage natural resources (forests, seas and oceans, arable land) and putting an end to the pursuit of profit and profitability of capitalist economies. 

"The world has enough for everyone's needs but not enough for everybody's greed " Gandhi 

the day of OVERFLOW ent or e " Earth Overshoot Day" is 8 August 201 6 , the day of the year when mankind has exhausted all the natural resources available for the year, that date continues to advance,it was 19 August 2014 . 

The changing climate emphasizes the decline in resources (Taklimakan Desert rti cation, decrease of u crop yields, agricultural disasters, etc ..).  blog continues> Blog de la Révolution Verte !: La révolution verte est en marche avec votre parta...: La révolution verte est en marche avec votre partage ou un j'aime, les Humains comptent sur vous c'est leur unique planète ! 

 Thank You for stopping by the Green Blog. If additional information in needed or you have a question let me know by posting a question or comment. Together we can make a difference and create a future that will benefit everyone.

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