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As an Independent Solar Solution Provider.   I encourage the "Buy American Solar Equipment"  For Reliable Safe and Clean Energy for Your Property. 

Property Site Evaluation will show you how You can Save Money on your Utility Bills and make a Positive Impact on the Environment and the USA by lessening Air Quality Pollution, Wars Over Oil, and Clean Energy Jobs!

 Yes Solar is now Affordable and is and will continue to beat Dirty Coal for energy production!

Here is an example of  Solar Equipment Pricing from just one of my Solar Providers.

3kW Micro Inverter Solar Kit
12 x 250w Lightway Solar Panels
12 x Enphase M215 Micro Inverters
Roof Mount Racking System

6kW Micro Inverter Solar Kit
24 x 250w Lightway Solar Panels
24 x Enphase M215 Micro Inverters
Roof Mount Racking System

4kW Micro Inverter Solar Kit
16 x 250w Lightway Solar Panels
16 x Enphase M215 Micro Inverters
Roof Mount Racking System
If you are seeking Solar Equipment Information, Specs or pricing

Halloween Spooky Good Solar Deals

Fresh Solar Equipment Liquidations, for October 2015: 300 watt mono Neptune B panels made in Texas, 49 cents a watt pallet qty or 47 cents/w for full container load! 130 Suntech 210 watt solar panels in 5 factory-wrapped pallets, 55 cents a watt pallets or 50 cents a watt for all! FOB California. Topoint 190w & 245w mono + 225w poly panels, 47 cents a watt pallets or CALL for container loads! Renesola 250w poly black-frame modules, 65 cents a watt pallets or 62 cents/w container loads! U.S. made Suniva Optimus 275w ALL-BLACK mono panels, 78 cents a watt pallet qty.! FOB California Solaria 200w & 210w panels with cosmetic blems, 39 cents a watt for frameless version, 43 cents a watt for framed version! FOB California. JA Solar 280w & 285w poly panels, 59 cents a watt pallets or 56 cents/w container loads! Talesun 235w & 290 watt poly panels, 61 cents/w 1 to 3 pallets, 59 cents/w 4 pallets+! FOB California Astronergy 245w poly panels, 61 cents a watt for 1 or 2 pallets, 59 cents a watt for 3 pallets+. FOB California U.S. made Solartec 250w A-grade poly panels 78 cents a watt 1 or 2 pallets, 77 cents a watt 3 pallets+! Solarworld 250w poly panels, 71 cents/w pallets or 69.5 cents/w container loads! FOB California Solarworld 260w poly panels, 71 cents a watt for 40' container loads only! Solarworld 325w mono panels, 77 cents a watt for 40' container loads only! Yingli 290 watt poly 61 cents a watt for 40' container load minimum! MW's available. Canadian-made Heliene 310w panels, 66 cents a watt for container loads, less for Megawatt qty.! Trina Solar 290w poly panels, 61 cents/w 1 to 3 pallets, 59 cents/w 4 pallets+...or 57 cents a watt for 40' container loads! East coast. ZNshine 250w ALL-BLACK mono panels (made in Japan), 77 cents/w pallets or 74 cents/w 100 kw+! A few dozen new Global Solar 275w thin-film flexible laminates (looks like Unisolar)...MAKE OFFER! LG Mono-X 'Neon' 300/305 watt 60-cell mono panels in full 40' containers @ 94 cents a watt DELIVERED in 48 states! LG Mono-X 270w ALL-BLACK mono container loads, 85 cents a watt!! Kyocera KD 325w 80-cell panels, 88 cents a watt pallets, 85 cents/w container loads! Canadian Solar 280w poly panels, 62 cents a watt pallets, 60 cents a watt container loads or 58 cents/w for MW qty.!! 115 watt 12-volt U.S. made panels, $115 each in pallet quantities! U.S. made MiaSole 130 watt 12-volt panels, 57 cents a watt pallet quantities! Renesola 300w poly, 73 cents/w pallets or 69 cents/w container loads! Pre-owned Sunpwr 345w modules (but never got installed), 80 cents a watt! Limited qty. 1400 pre-owned Upsolar 310w mono panels that were installed for 2 months only (in Mexico), MAKE OFFER! Several pallets full of slightly used solar panels (used for testing purposes), various brands, sizes range from 235w to 330w....39 cents a watt or BEST OFFER! INVERTERS etc. DEALS: Fronius Symo 22.7 kw 480v inverters, $3635 each! (16 cents a watt! ) Got 44 of these available. Solectria PVI 14-28TL, 28 kW inverters $4400 each, or can go $4200 for large qty.! (That's under 16 cents a watt! ) 40 available. Qty. 3, SolarMax inverters: a 12k, a 15k, and a 18k, all new in box...11 cents a watt!! Lots of new SMA, Fronius and Power One non-AFCI residential-size inverters left, 3kw to kw sizes, 20 cents a watt! FOB California. ALSO have lots of GroWatt non-AFCI inverters of many sizes, 18 cents a watt all sizes! 300 kw Power One 480v 3-phase inverter, new with cosmetic damage BUT tested working perfectly...MAKE OFFER! Qty. 3, SolarBOS DC Disconnect Smart Combiners - 200A each, MAKE OFFER! FOB Honolulu. LOTS of new solar thermal hot water systems being liquidated, two different brands, from $395 + !! Call for info! Complete OFF-GRID solar power kits, wholesale from $1068 + depending on size. 12 MW semi-automated solar pv module factory for sale in CA, all set up ready to make modules today! First $220,000 takes! All the above equipment is NEW, never installed UNLESS otherwise noted. 
St Louis Renewable Energy-Westinghouse Solar Dealer and Installer

  •  Solar Installation courtesy of Scotts Contracting- St Louis Renewable Energy

I'm sharing the prices of these SunPower E Series  Solar Panel Pricing to show you an example of how you can become energy independent at an affordable price.  This price is so low that the $2 per watt incentive from Ameren UE is not needed.

Bulk Solar Buying Tips

  • Buy In Bulk and purchase Pallet or Container Loads of Solar Equipment.   

  • Prices start at 50 cents per watt, most products located on the east and west coast 

  • shipping ranges $400-$1,000 for most orders on Container Loads of Solar Panels +500 total panels on most orders 20-28 Solar Panels per pallet

Information and tips that will help you to choose a Solar System that is right for your Home or Office.  

Whether you choose to DIY or have Scotts Contracting assist in installing a Photovoltaic Solar Electric System to Generate Clean Energy from the Sun.  

Complete Solar Kits are available and include everything you need to Install a Clean Energy Producing System for your Property.

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