Exterior Wall Hempcrete Insulation Retrofit

Why Hempcrete and not other forms of insulation?
  • Hemp Plant Fibers are a natural product that can be grown and sourced from Missouri Farmers.
  • Hempcrete is as strong as Concrete with less damaging effects to our climate and provides a High RValue
  • Adds Structural Reinforcement

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Hempcrete CAD Finish Design Stucco Appearance
Designed by Scotty-Scotts Contracting
Build a Green StLouis!
The politics of bringing hempcrete product to market and grown locally I feel will be an uphill battle...until that time I  looked into substituting Kenaf Plant Fibers instead of Hemp Plant Fibers. Scotty added April 24, 2014 Kenaf Plant Fibers will not replace Hemp Plant Kurd / Fibers for Hempcrete Retrofit and Construction Techniques per Greg- Hemp Technologies

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