Labor Saver Platform Lift Design

Electric Platform Lift Design by Scotty-making moving materials between floors easier and pain free!  1500 lb weight limit used in original plans-an inexpensive option to prior post.

Electric Motor and Spool-Platform Lift Design
Electric Motor and Spool-1
added cad detail:Electric Motor and Spool
Electric Motor and Spool-2

Platform Lift Floor Design
Platform Design

Pulley and Motor Set-Up for platform lift design
Pulley and Electric Motor Set-Up for Platform Lift

Runners and Floor Cutout
Runners and Floor Cutout

Design Notes:
  • With 1 shaft operating 2 cable spools will ensure 'level and even' travel of Platform Lift as it raises and lowers between floors
  • Safety Rail Added to Final CAD Design
  • The Simplicity of the setup will add to the longevity of the Platform Lift System as well as the required maintenance needed to lubricate the cables and pulleys
  • Wheel Guide and Basement Floor Cut-Away-keeps platform centered in Lift Shaft for ease of loading and unloading of cargo
  • Inexpensive Option when compared to installing an elevator to move materials. 
Next Post in Series:
Wiring-Safety Shutoff.

Final CAD Details

First Post in Series:

Design-Build ADA Wheelchair Ramp-


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