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3 for 1 Blog Sponsor Opportunity

Scotts Contracting is now accepting Blog Sponsors

3 for 1 End of Year Multi Website Web Page Sponsorship Opportunity for Text and Image Advertisements will be accepted.
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3 for 1 Blog Sponsor Opportunity

  • 3 for 1 Blog Sponsor Opportunity ends Dec 31, 2016
  • Advertisements can be alternated or changed 4-8 times a month.
  • Options of removing current Google Adsense Ads are available
  • Blog Sponsor Ad Opportunities will encompass: 1 weekly blog post, highlighted ad placement in all blog posts, mentions in future You Tube promotional activities, preferred placement locations on Web Pages
  • 3 for 1 Blog Sponsor Opportunity Cost: $100 1/2 due at contract agreement 1/2 due in 1 month from 1st add placed. 
  • Once started the advertisements will run continuously for 3 months.

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3 for 1 Blog Sponsor Opportunity
Contact Scotty for additional details or ideas that will make your ads relevant to the readers, search engines, and stand out.

3for1 Advertising Opportunity
3for1 Advertising Opportunity


Free Industrial Hemp Advertising Invitation

Lets put to Work!


with Industrial #Hemp!

Do You have an Industrial Hemp business or related organization? 

           I want to advertise your products for free on this web page to Promote the use of Industrial Hemp that will assist in helping Missouri and USA Farmers have another source of income as well as jump start the American Manufacturing Industry I've decided to put this Web Page to use and allow free advertising for Industrial Hemp Products and Services.

How: Submit your Industrial Hemp Ad via the contact form, in the comment section, Social Media FB, Twitter, G+, Reddit, Google Drive, ...

Where: Your Industrial Hemp Ad will run here:

When: Free Industrial Hemp Advertising Offer is open until: 12/31/2014

Why: Promote the use of Industrial Hemp that will assist in helping Missouri and USA Farmers have another source of income as well as jump start the American Manufacturing Industry putting people to work in America!

Industrial Hemp Free Advertising Rules:
  • 1 (one) Free AD per business or organization
  • Ad Structure:  1500 Words or Less with 1 (one) Link to your information or email address
  • Original Photos will be accepted and will post see example
 Example Industrial Hemp Ads
will be placed here

Industrial Hemp Home Designs by Scotty
Industrial Hemp Home Design

CAD Detail Hemp + Lime mixture  #Hempcrete
 Hemp + Lime mixture that some people call #Hempcrete 
  • Example AD with Photo 2: I've been focusing my efforts on the Hemp + Lime mixture that some people call #Hempcrete  used in making buildings energy efficient naturally.  As an example of this great product I've made a few CAD drawings as well as posted You Tube Videos to use as an example to create an sustainable energy efficient home with Hemp see: 

Industrial Hemp Page Skyscraper ADs:

Your ADD

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Seeking Web Site Sponsors

If you would like to Sponsor / Advertise on a Green and Eco Friendly Web Site.
St Louis Renewable is accepting Web Site Sponsors for the next Quarter.

Your Sponsor Advertisement will include Top Placement on the Page with
Triple coverage.

1: Top of the Page
2: Side Bar of your Choice
3: Bottom of the Page

  • Your Advertisement, Web Hooks, Links, and any other Information will have a direct Link back to your Information and Web Pages
  • Most Ad Formats will be Accepted-Banner, Text, Photo Link, Graphic
  • To keep Advertising Fresh it is suggested to 'Rotate' your Advertisements- Standard Monthly Rotation provided at no additional costs
  • Sponsorship also includes: Sponsor Article Posting 1(one) Per Week
  • $50 / Quarter ( Quarter=3 Months--90days) 
Send all Sponsor Inquires to:  Other Advertising Options are also available.


Updated- Advertising Invitation

Advertising Invitation-Green and Eco Friendly

  • Google Analytics Report: St Louis Residents spend an average of 10 mins on the site per visit and will look at 2-4 pages at a time.
  • Pageviews today
    Pageviews yesterday
    Pageviews last month
    Pageviews all time history

For People and Business's who would like additional Advertising Mediums check out the Green and Eco Friendly Advertising Invitation.   Trades and Bartering of Services is accepted. (currently seeking Web Site/SEO/Sponsor Opportunities/Assistance for a Additional Green and Eco Friendly Web Site)
  • Most Advertising Formats Accepted
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly- Rates Available or Custom Advertising Campaigns Designed for your Specific Needs
  • All Advertising Links will Link Directly to Your Companies Information/WEB Page
  • Advertisements will be placed on 2 Web Blog Sites that Cover a Wide Variety of Subjects related to Green and Eco Friendly Information
  • Posting Frequency: 4-6 per Day, 130 or More- Per Month Average- Your Advertisement will be placed in the format you choose (Most Ad Types Supported).
  • Green Blog Sites utilize the 2 Main Web Blog Posting Services- Word Press and Blog Spot
  • Verification of your Ads will be emailed before placement of Advertisement
  • Various Depths of Advertisement Coverage

    • Best- “Value Package”-Bang For Your Buck- Cross-Populate the Advertisement with Blog Postings and Side Bar Ads as in the Example 1 Below. --Ads will also be placed on 2 Additional Web Sites Related to the Green and Eco Friendly Information for the Duration of Your Ad Campaign-4000+ Combined Views/Month--
    • Better-Banner Advertisement Example 2 Below
    • Good- Side Bar Advertisement Example 3 Below

 Example 1 -Best- “Value Package”
--Blog Posting for Organic Horticulture-- 
--XYZ Green Organic Soap Advertiser--
Side Bar
Blog Postings

XYZ Green Organic Soap Banner Advertisement
xyz green soap tag line

XYZ Green Organic Soap Banner Advertisement
xyz green soap tag line
Organic horticulture

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Organic horticulture is the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants by following the essential principles of organic agriculture in soil building and conservation, pest management, and heirloom variety preservation.

The Latin words hortus (garden plant) and cultura (culture) together form horticulture, classically defined as the culture or growing of garden plants. Horticulture is also sometimes defined simply as “agriculture minus the plough.” Instead of the plough, horticulture makes use of human labour and gardener’s hand tools, although some small machine tools like rotary tillers are commonly employed now.
Article Ends
XYZ Green Organic Soap Banner Advertisement
xyz green soap tag line

Example 2 – Banner Advertising - Standard Sizes Available
XYZ Green Soap Ad
xyz green soap tag line

Example 3 – Side Bar Advertisement – Standard Sizes Available
XYZ Green Soap AD Banner Ad
xyz green soap tag line

Advertising Packages
Value Package....$20.00.......$150.00.............$500.00
Side Bar.. $5.00... $35.00....................$100.00
Rates Quoted are for 8/8/2010, (prices subject to change without notice)
Custom Advertising Campaigns Available
Do you have Something to Barter Or Exchange? We are open to Trades and Bartering of Services: send inquiries to

 Here are the Steps needed for the Publication of Your Successful Advertising Campaign:
Step 1- Submit your Ad and Choice of Ad Campaign with Date Request
Step 2- We will Place Advertisement on Sample Blog Posting for your Review. Email you a copy for Verification with Advertisement Placement Dates with the Contract Agreement.
Step 3- Upon Accepted Review of Advertisement and Signed Contract with Payment Information- Your Advertisement will then Post to the Blog Sites- “Per Agreement”

For People and Business's who would like additional Advertising Mediums check out the Green and Eco Friendly Advertising Invitation.   Trades and Bartering of Services is accepted. (currently seeking Web Site/SEO/Sponsor Opportunities/Assistance for a Additional Green and Eco Friendly News Letter)

Page Sponsors:


Green Build-Business Referrals

Scotts Contracting- latest Green Build Web Promotions includes:
  • While working for a Business I will document the work done with photos/video of my Crew Doing the Actual Work and post them to my web pages, associate links and other business advertising mediums. I will list Your Business Name, Web Site, Contact Links, Tag Lines, etc. Advertisements will be Custom Tailored for your Business.
  • I will enable a Dual Promotion that entails: Promotion for your Business while promoting my Green Build Services. We will custom tailor your Business in the Promo. The advertising campaign can be viewed at will be FREE- $500 Value.
  • Our Business will Gain extra exposure to our web sites by Promoting Web Site content with services such as: linkedin, stumble upon, digg, delicious, friendster, etc.
    • What this does- is create back-links for Internet Search Engines
    • ie: useful back-links create higher Search Engine Listings
    • I am currently in Excellent Standing with Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.
  • I feel this is my way of Thanking the Company I do business with and also highlights my skills and abilities as a Green Builder.
  • Prior Job Site Photos can be viewed


Seeking Employment/ Contract Labor for Renovations, Weatherization, and Building Up-Grades-

Profession Profile

Affordable-Punctual-Experienced: Carpenter, Green Builder, Handy-Man, Maintenance professional with over 15 years of industry experience. Experienced in many areas of residential / commercial building and improvements

Miscellaneous Job Skills

Design and Estimating
Door & Window Installation/Repair
Lock Changes / Board Up
RE (Renewable Energy) Producing Systems Framing [metal or wood], Drywall [Installation & Finishing]
Weatherization for Homes and Business Concrete / Cabinetry / Appliances
Carpentry, Custom Wood Work, Flooring: Carpet, Tile, Wood Roofing: Flat-Torch Down / Pitch- Shingles or Metal
Painting / Staining / Wood Refinishing / Custom Finishes Basic: Plumbing, HVAC, Electric
Masonry / Tuck Pointing Green Builder seeking additional training

Recent Employment History

Scotts Contracting Contract Labor / Skilled Labor 2007-Present St. Louis, MO
Improved homes and offices in the St. Louis area. Green Build Services- carpentry, repairs, remodels, rehabs, and maintenance. Residential or Commercial
G & H Home Improvement Carpenter/Rehabber 2006-2007 St. Louis, MO
Performed duties including: Carpentry from framing to finish, basic plumbing and electric, drywall installation, flooring, and finishing.
American National Skyline Inc. High Rise Window Cleaner/Crew Leader 2006 St. Louis, MO. Ensured safety of self and crew members. Cleaned windows by utilizing Boatman Chairs and Rolling Roof Rigs on buildings in St. Louis area.
Spanish Lake Development Rehabber 2005-2006 St. Louis, MO. Performed all tasks involved in rehab of 20-25 building apartment complex. Duties included power washing, welding, carpentry, concrete, and plumbing.
  • Milan C-2, High School Diploma-Milan, MO 63556
  • Western Iowa Tech Com College, Residential and Commercial Draftsman
  • USARMY Wire Systems Installer/Tower and Antennae Maintenance
  • Enrolled- Green Building Energy Auditor Certification (testing July 30)- Solar and Wind Electricity Production
Scotty, Scott's Contracting St Louis Renewable Energy
Holly Hills/Kingshighway, St. Louis, MO 63109
(314) 243-1953
email:Scotts Contracting

Advertising Invitation

Up-Dated Advertising Information and Invitation 8/8/2010

For St Louis Renewable Energy

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