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Simple Comparison of Clothes to a Buildings Envelope

R 16 Unfaced Wall Insulation as used in Benton Rehab Project
R 16 Unfaced Wall Insulation as used in Benton Rehab Project

If you are reading this I’m going to assume that you aren’t a googlebot or bingbot and wear clothes in your daily activities.  You are an actual human being who wears clothes.  
Besides the obvious fact we wear clothes to cover our nakedness.  
We humans wear clothes for protection, protection for our bodies from the heat, from the cold, from rain and snow- from the Elements.  
We protect ourselves with clothes against the Climate and Elements we live in.

Just as you wear clothes to protect yourself from the elements the various parts of a properly constructed energy efficient building are there to protect it from the elements while keeping the inhabitants comfortable.

While it may sound complex in Nature; it’s really rather simple in content when talking about a Building.

The simple comparison in how warm and dry an Insulated Windbreaker is to a Simple T-Shirt.   
The Windbreaker stops the Cold Air from reaching your skin and the Insulation is the stuff that keeps the cold from creeping close to your body.  
  1. While a T Shirt lets in both Air and Cold thus failing to keep you warm and dry. (This is the Framing of your Building. )
  2. A Sweatshirt will help seal out a little cold but not for long. (This is the Insulation in your Building. )
  3. But when a Windbreaker is put on over the Sweatshirt and T-Shirt it is such relief to be warm- almost anything is tolerable when in a Cold Windy Environment. (This is the Air Barrier in your Building.)
  4. Caps or Hats (The roof of your Building)
  5. Shoes and boots (The Foundation / Basement of your Building)
Examples 1 thru 5 when applied to a Building is your Building's Envelope or Outer Shell.
The buildings we live and work in need protection too. Just as you will add layers against the cold to stay warm in today’s extreme climate. Your Building needs the same protection against the Elements of Heat and Cold.

The best protection against the Elements cold and heat from entering your building is: Insulation.

Insulation is your Number One Source for keeping your building’s energy consumption as low as possible while staying comfortable.

 Insulation keeps the Heat and Cold from creeping in your Building.  

While building Insulation comes in many forms it basically performs the basic action that I mentioned above when talking about wearing a sweatshirt.  

Insulation is there to keep out the heat and cold that make life uncomfortable(to include the uncomfortable feeling you get when you pay your local monthly Gas and Electric utility bills- for the over priced services they provide your building.)

Example of Air Barrier used in Benton Rehab ProjectJust as the Windbreaker stops the Wind from interfering with your body.  The Air Barrier does the same for your Home or Office.  Normal construction techniques have various Air Barriers. All of which are designed to eliminate and reduce the cold or warm air from entering and leaving your Building.  This is the second most crucial step in protecting a building against the Elements of heat and cold.

Bare Wall Stud Framing with No layers of Protection from the Elements
Bare Wall Stud Framing with No layers of Protection from the Elements
So what is the T-shirt used in this examples place in a building.  The T Shirt in this example is the Buildings Walls and Roof.  See the bare wall in this photo above of the Benton Rehab Project.

 While the crew and I were rehabbing this building in St Louis.  This is the framing without layers of Insulation or Air Barrier.  It’s obvious that these walls will not keep out any heat or cold.  Just as a t-shirt performs.
The Air Barrier and Insulation coupled with a few other areas of your building is your Building's Envelope.
reposted Scotty, Scotts Contracting St Louis Renewable Energy 4/2/13

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Green and Renewable Peer Discussion Topics

      In discussions with other Peers involved in the Construction Industry about the building and remodeling of homes and business in the St Louis Area.  I keep a mental log of the conversations and what I noticed was a re-occurring theme in something we all did agree on ( and it didn't matter if I was speaking to a Democrat, Republican, Independent- Young or Old).  
     They all agree that:  

  1. Material prices have skyrocketed in the past few years.  
  2. A Building shouldn't be drafty and have air leaks.  
  3. Heat and Cool Buildings Efficiently and Afford-ably.

Material Prices  (using a simple 2x4x10 Wall Framing Stud as an Example)-

  • Supply and Demand is Driving the Material Costs Higher.  World Wide Population growth coupled with what seems like some form of Natural Disaster Somewhere in the World every Month or Two.  It doesn't matter if the home or business was destroyed by the Flood, Hurricane, Tornado, Tsunami, or whatever it was.  The End Results are the Same: Cities and Towns left Completely in Ruins.  And we simply can't get trees to grow as fast as whats needed to rebuild the damage.

Air Leaks and Drafty Homes

  • Whether its your home or office:  Everyone wants to be comfortable.  With the Advent of the different types of Air and Vapor Barriers, Insulation, Advanced Framing Techniques, Windows, and Doors.  (As Required by current building codes) Buildings are now constructed and or remodeled using progressive building techniques that eliminate over 90% of these Air Leaks.

Heat and Cool Buildings Efficiently and Affordably

  • We've came along ways in providing heat for the home over the years.  Long past is the time we spent sitting around the campfire for warmth.  Our warmth in the winter and cold air in the summer; now comes from the switch on the wall. (I enjoy the modern convenience of a climate controlled room.)  And any business owner will state that their employees productivity is greater when the staff isn't too hot or cold.  In times long since past the costs for turning up or town the temp didn't make too big of a bill at the end of the month.  Nowadays it seems that every notch on the dial leads to higher bills at months end.
Its obvious to me that: Green and Sustainable Buildings is the Answer for today's Construction Needs.  I would venture to say that 90% of today's builders and re-modelers (worth their Salt) adhere to Energy Efficient Building Guidelines.

Which always leads me to ask:

"What is wrong with making your own Electricity?"
A new re-occurring theme appeared and they asked these three main questions:  Is it affordable-Aren't they expensive to install? Is Solar Reliable?

Zero $00.00 Down Solar Lease

  • I then start telling them about the: Zero Down Solar Lease, which makes solar affordable on most every budget.  (for every home I have figured- Solar either eliminates or cuts the Electricity Bill in half.) What could be better than a Non-Polluting Solar Electric System that generates its own electricity for less than your current Ameren UE Utility Bill?

Installation Is Covered

  • With the $00.00 Down Solar Lease- Any Permits, Inspections, Installation, and Maintenance is included in the Solar Lease. 
That means that you will not have to come out of pocket for a Dime to install a Solar System at your Home or Business.  Installation and Maintenance is covered in the Solar Lease

20+ Year Guaranty

  • The various Solar Systems I sell, lease, and install all have guaranties for 20+ years.  These warranties come from Field Tested Systems; where the electrical output is so predictable that the "Yearly" electrical outputs are guaranteed as well.  As long as the sun is shining they will produce electricity for your home for many many years into the Future.  And Unlike the rising costs of electricity- an Owner of a Solar system costs decrease as the Solar System pays for itself.

I can't spell it out any clearer.  Solar is Affordable Now. 

It will decrease your High Energy Bills leaving more $Money$ for you and your household.  And it will last 20+ years and still produce electricity in its old age.  What is there not to like about a Free Solar Lease System?  - as always Scotts Contracting provides a Free Estimate for any job.  What have you got to lose?  Use the contact info below to contact Scotty for a "Free Solar Lease Quote".

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