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BlogActionDay2014 Stats Feedback AfterFacts

How well did your #BlogActionDay2104 post do?  

I had world wide web saturation with my #BAD2014 blogger posts which proves to me that this years #Inequality topic is a Worldwide Issue.

The Google Analytics photos below are the perfect example of how even my little blog contributes to the #Inequality topic and how Social Media is a catalyst for positive change for everyone regardless of class or creed.

 Inequality is not just a #FergusonOctober Issue.


      signed up and listing on the Blog Action Directory

       see the lack of internet traffic

      On the 18th of October 2014 I went to Google Analytics and viewed how well the #BlogActionDay2014 posts was performing on the Web.

      • I took the photos on the left directly off the Google Analytics website for my #BAD2014.

      • The First Photo is where I signed up and listing on the Blog Action Directory

      • Second Photo-highlights world wide coverage Map-Does anyone else see the lack of internet traffic from the center of Asian Continent
      About News 

      Hi Scotty

      Unbelievable — 116 countries, over 1700 bloggers. That's quite a day.

      Thanks for being a part of it.

      It's worth reflecting on what that meant: for one day, we generated an unprecedented conversation on how we can address inequality. An audience of millions saw that message — which will continue to ripple forth for some time.

      “Malala knew the power she had to speak up for herself, and those who couldn't, by sharing her story. Authentic voices are always the best way to convey struggles of inequality and tell stories of our shared humanity.” — Malala Fund post 

      Extreme inequality should not be ignored—or worse, celebrated as a sign that we have a high-performing economy and healthy society.” — Bill Gates' post 

      Being a female and from a country where gender discrimination continues to be an enormous problem, I didn’t have to think twice about the topic to write on. The fight starts off from my mother’s womb.” — Blogger Rekha Dhyani's post

      These are just a few tastes of the conversation that started yesterday.

      If you'd like to see some other highlights, the best place to do so is Orbit Orbit is Blog Action Day's sister platform, where you can feature your own blog's content as part of a conversation, like we saw around #inequality yesterday. You could also search for #BAD14, #BAD2014 and "Blog Action Day" on your social media networks or visit our participants list

      Thanks to our key partners Corelab  for curating Orbit and helping make Blog Action Day a possibility, alongside Oxfam and Engaging Networks and our other supporting partners.

      But thanks mostly to you — the blogging community that is showing the power of sharing your ideas, stories, opinions and dreams. Together, as we showed yesterday, we can lift our voices up to connect with each other and be heard.

      Karina & Jason
      On behalf of the Blog Action Day team
      Our key partner Oxfam International wanted to thank you for taking part in Blog Action Day and focusing the world's attention on Inequality on October 16th.  Below is a message from the Executive Director of Oxfam International, Winnie Byanyima.

      Dear friends,
      On behalf of Oxfam International I’d like to say thank you for taking part in Blog Action Day 2014.

      By sharing your stories and experiences, you joined an important global discussion about why and how to tackle the inequality that is doing so much damage to our societies.

      I was amazed by the range of different entries from all over the world. From school classes, to women’s networks, to international financial institutions, a huge diversity of participants took part in the global #inequality discussion on an equal footing.

      A few of my highlights were:

      * English language blog on gender inequality in the workplace,
      * French blog on the causes of and solutions to inequality
      *Spanish blog on inequality and employment.

       And we’ve posted many more highlights on our Storify.

      As of 12GMT on October 17, we know that 1760 bloggers took part in the day from over 116 countries, showing that tackling extreme inequality is an issue that unites us all.

      The winner of our competition will be announced next week on our Blog Action Day page. It’s going to be a very difficult decision as there were so many inspiring blogs posted!

      The issue of inequality is very close to my heart.  I have seen with my own eyes the enormous progress that many of the poorest countries have made in the struggle against poverty. But this progress is being threatened by rising inequality, which allows the wealthiest to bend the rules in their favour – rules that are keeping people in poverty.

      Oxfam knows that extreme inequality isn’t inevitable – it’s the result of political and economic choices. We also know the policy solutions and actions that can reverse it, from free public health and education services that help everyone, to progressive taxation so that the rich pay their fair share.

      Later this month, we will launch a world-wide campaign to expose the impact of rising and extreme inequality, and demand action from governments, companies and the public to reverse it. You can help us get the campaign off to a flying start by joining our Thunderclap that will go live on the day of our launch.

      As we begin this journey, please stay in touch with us and continue helping to spread the message about this vitally important issue.

      Oxfam was proud to act as a key partner for Blog Action Day 2014 and to have shared this day with you. Thanks again for being part of it and for joining the growing global movement to end extreme inequality.

      Winnie Byanyima
      Let's talk about Inequality for Blog Action Day 2014 on October 16

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      Yes I'm participating in BlogActionDay 2013

      Humanitys Greatest Challenge

      Will 2013 Blog Action Day be a success?  Of course it will be this years subject is 
      Humanitarian in Nature and is a perfect fit for addressing 

      Humanity's Greatest Challenge yet undertaken by Mankind.  

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