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How climate change will impact states like Missouri-via U. S. National Climate Assessment

U. S. National Climate Assessment outlines how climate change will impact states like Missouri.  

States are taking action

Before issuing this proposal, EPA heard from states, utilities, labor unions, nongovernmental organizations, consumer groups, industry and others to learn more about what programs are already working to reduce carbon pollution.  We learned that states are leading the way– especially through programs that expand energy efficiency and renewable energy. Missouri already has programs in place that could be part of its individual or regional plan to reduce carbon pollution, including: 
  • Energy efficiency standards or goals
  • Demand-side energy efficiency programs that advance energy efficiency improvements for electricity use
  • Renewable energy portfolio standards or goals

Proposed state goals build on state leadership

To set state-specific goals, EPA analyzed the practical and affordable strategies that states and utilities are already using to lower carbon pollution from the power sector. These include improving energy efficiency, improving power plant operations, and encouraging reliance on low-carbon and zero-emitting electricity generation. Together, these make up the best system for reducing carbon pollution. They achieve meaningful reductions at a lower cost. 

The Agency applied these strategies consistently, but each state’s energy mix ultimately leads to a different goal that is unique to the state.
In 2012, Missouri’s power sector CO2 emissions were approximately 71 million metric tons from sources covered by the rule. The amount of energy produced by fossil-fuel fired plants, and certain low or zero emitting plants was approximately 80 terawatt hours (TWh)*. So, Missouri’s 2012 emission rate was 1,963 pounds/megawatt hours (lb/MWh).  

EPA is proposing that Missouri develop a plan to lower its carbon pollution to meet its proposed emission rate goal of 1,544 lb/MWh in 2030.

*includes existing non-hydro renewable energy generation and approximately 6% of nuclear generation. The 2012 emission rate shown here has not been adjusted for any incremental end-use energy efficiency improvements that states may make as part of their plans to reach these state goals. 

States decide how to cut carbon pollution 

The state goals are not requirements on individual electric generating units. Missouri will choose how to meet the goal through whatever combination of measures reflects its particular circumstances and policy objectives. A state does not have to put in place the same mix of strategies that EPA used to set the goal.

Missouri may work alone or in cooperation with other states to comply with the proposed rule.  EPA estimates that states could achieve their goals most cost effectively if they work with others.  

EPA encourages states to look broadly across their electricity system to identify strategies for their plans to reduce carbon pollution.  Strategies can include:   
  • Demand-side energy efficiency programs
  • Renewable energy standards
  • Efficiency improvements at plants
  • Dispatch changes
  • Co-firing or switching to natural gas
  • Construction of new Natural Gas Combined-Cycle plants
  • Transmission efficiency improvements
  • Energy storage technology
  • Retirements
  • Expanding renewables like wind and solar
  • Expanding nuclear
  • Market-based trading programs
  • Energy conservation programs
Missouri's Energy Mix in 2012 (in percentage)
Hover over the chart to see more info. (Source: The EIA form 923)

Missouri's Role in New Carbon Plan-proposed emission rate goal of 1,544 lb per MWh in 2030
  • 2012, Missouri’s power sector CO2 emissions were approximately 71 million metric tons from sources covered by the rule. The amount of energy produced by fossil-fuel fired plants, and certain low or zero emitting plants was approximately 80 terawatt hours (TWh)*. So, Missouri’s 2012 emission rate was 1,963 pounds/megawatt hours (lb/MWh).
    EPA is proposing that Missouri develop a plan to lower its carbon pollution to meet its proposed emission rate goal of 1,544 lb/MWh in 2030

Clean Power Plan - States

The science shows that climate change is already posing risks to our health and our economy.

Nationwide by 2030, the Clean Power Plan will help cut carbon emissions from the power sector by 30 percent below 2005 levels.

The proposal also would cut pollution that leads to the formation of soot and smog by over 25 percent in 2030.

States, cities and businesses across our country are already taking action. They have set energy efficiency targets, increased their use of renewable energy, made agreements and implemented programs to cut carbon pollution.

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Clean Coal

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