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Safe Room Design-Weather-SafeHome-Crowd

CAD Designs Adding a Safe Room Design to an existing Basement.

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When Building a CMU structure it is highly advisable to add Steel Reinforcement- In the case of building for Tornado or Hurricane Save Rooms substitute No.4 Vertical Rebar for No.5 size rebar. Building the Concrete Ceiling-Structural Reinforcement Suggestions. Build Notes-Hurricane and Tornado-Safe Room Build Suggestions #5 Rebar at 12in MATT-Dowel Into Existing Concrete Wall, Attach MATT to Existing #5 Verticals in CMU Wall-, {For Added Reinforcement for this area ADD 2ft "L" Bar and Wire Tie to MATT and Verts, 4in Min Concrete Ceiling Suggested 6in Thick Ceiling, All CMU Voids filled with Mortar {Be Sure to ADD the "…