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Solar Deals-Make Solar Affordable Now

If you have ever thought a clean energy solar system was out of your league and price range. Check out the Solar Products from one of my solar suppliers that proves this isn't true any longer- message 8/28/14  - Solar and Wind  Deals- Solar is Affordable NOW
 Scotty Adds: Bulk pricing discounts for container loads of solar panels.  (get your StLouis neighbors to join and reduce your solar costs for labor, permitting, and materials-can equal up to 30% savings of the total costs) 
Pay attention to the location as shipping will factor in on the final costs for your clean energy project.
Here in St Louis I've noticed quite a few of the solar panels installed around the city are the little 250w panels.  
Before you take the advice of someone peddling older model solar panels-compare the "output to cost" of a higher wattage panel or even a Large Format 72 cell panel with over 300w of power.  
Since roof space is limited on many buildings it only makes sense to install the highe…

CAD Heavy Duty Solar Racking Designs by Scotty

DIY Build Your Own Solar Ballasted Racking System using these CAD Plans by Scotty-Scotts Contracting, StLouis Renewable Energy.  In a recent Solar Project I had a few issues of finding a Heavy Duty Ballasted Racking Design for Skyscraper High Wind Zones.

This is a simple heavy duty plan that you can build yourself as its made out of standard metal sizes and adaptable to your specs.

Install Central Ballast Per Engineering Wind ForceGuidelines.  85mph Minimum Design StLouis MO.
Heavy Duty Ballasted Racking Design for Skyscraper High Wind Zones

Additional Plans are available or place your orders using the Contact Form on the right.Scotty

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Just a Few of the Reasons I Choose to Offer Westinghouse Solar Panels

Racking, Wiring, Grounding and Inverter are built into a larger-format 235-watt panel (AC Power), thereby
delivering higher performance and
lower installed cost.
Westinghouse Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq:WEST), a designer and manufacturer of solar power systems, today announced the release of their second-generation AC solar panel. This new panel will be available in the second quarter at avery attractive price point. Westinghouse Solar's new AC panel has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of residential rooftop installers. Improving on the original patented design, the racking, wiring, grounding and inverter are built into a larger-format 235-watt panel, thereby delivering higher performance and lower installed cost.

In 2007, Westinghouse Solar pioneered the concept of integrating the racking, wiring and grounding directly into the solar panel. This revolutionary solar panel, originally carrying the "Andalay" name, quickly won industry acclaim.

In 2009, th…

DIY Solar Panels

Scotty writes:
I found the following article via
the web at the sites supplied below.
I hope you find the information usefull!

Build your own Solar Panel

Because I think that the price of a solar panel is still pretty high(in Europe), and because the stimulation from our government (in the Netherlands) is not so good (very,very complicated and time consuming) I started the project of building my own solar panel. I would like to invite anyone who has some experience with this or is interested in it ,to give me any advice or remarks about it. The main challenge is to build a panel that can withstand heat, cold, rain and hail for many years.
Buying My First Solar CellsIn October 2008 I bought my first 100 cells via Ebay. But as I later learned, they were still very expensive: 300 Euros for 100 cells, including shipping. I was told they should produce 1,98 Watt each. Below a picture :

The First Solar Cells
After some experimenting and very long brainstorming about how to continue, I found a…