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Would you pay for a Negawatt in St Louis, MO?

Negawatt-Paid by Performance I'm from Missouri and I understand and partially live by the states slogan-Show Me.  I am so confident that I can save you money on your utility bills.  I will base the money I earn from the energy upgrade improvements I install in your home or business in StLouis will be based off of the savings of your future energy bills.  Thats right you can pay me 'after-the-fact' on the proven performance for the work I do.  If what I say doesn't work or the energy upgrades fail to deliver then you pay nothing for my labor.

How do I know Scotty's suggested Energy Efficient upgrades and Clean Energy Solar Systems will work to save me $Money$ you ask?

To put my actions and energy efficient suggestions to the test I will soon be offering a Paid by Performance option based on the Negawatt reduction in your utility bills.

My Definition of a Negawatt is: the energy that was previously need but is not needed for your building now.  Wiki's definition…

Which Kind Of Insulation Is Best?

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Hempcrete and Hemp Fiber Insulation have not been mentioned in this old article.

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Annual Average Daily Solar Radiation

St Louis, MOAnnual Average Daily Solar RadiationLatitude: 38.75 N DegreesLongitude: 90.38 W DegreesElevation: 172 MetersSystem Tilt: 40 DegreesAnnual Total BTU's per square meter (10 tubes): 3,944,543Please read the Collector Tube Efficiency and System Sizing sections before using this chart.This page provides solar radiation values for Thermomax Solar Collectors and expected gallons of water raised by 60 degrees F. The average daily radiation data are from University of Wisconsin EES Report No. 44 - 2 (F - Chart Data). Thermomax collector (average) efficiency of 70% is used for this chart.