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COP21 StLouis Climate March at the Arch

Here are my 10 biggest takeaways from the #OursToLose Climate March at the Arch in StLouis. In whichI was proud participant in last Sunday at the Arch.
I'm headed to the Climate March at the Arch! #OursToLose#Stlouis — Scotty (@StLHandyMan) November 29, 2015

The gathering of like minded individuals was an eye opening experience for me to say the least.

I learned in the brief correspondence while talking to the other participants that:

There were as many older generations ages- 50 plus, as younger generations of less than 30 years old- that care about the health of our Planet and Pollution that is causing world wide climate change from the business as usual approach of the Big Business Polluting Machines  The participants were interested and knowledgeable to the importance of Energy Conservation as well as generating True Clean Energy.  Climate March #OursToLose StLouis Participants are not happy with the local activities of the Dirty Coal Machine Ameren UE.   Some of the local Solar …

Double Checking Google Analytics

Since google isn't sharing enough analytics data.  I've starting using Stat Counteragain to double check google analytics reports and website traffic.

Added 11/30/2015

Stat Counter you made my day with the Stats from Today!  I would have never seen that the biggest CO2 Polluter in StLouis: Ameren UE who gets their #DirtyCoal from #PeabodyEnergy was reading the blog about my latest #COP21 #OursToLose that I proudly participated in a blogged about to show my support.  Thanks again for everything you do!  Scotty

I also get detailed reports that are easy to read.  Such as this list of most viewed posts from the past week or so.

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Another BigBusiness Bailout in Missouri

$ buys Politicians More #BigBusiness financial support on the "backs" of the People. Only this time its a #DirtyCoal burner who gets the bailout and not the Banks, Wallstreet, or the Auto Industry.What really irks me is that: MoLeg sells public to the same  Electric Company who doesn't want Missourian's to have #Solar.  That's right more SOLAR + Energy Storage wouldn't require Ameren to buy it burn coal for 20years!$80 million of one company's electric costs onto the backs of other ratepayers MBEF Statement on MoLeg PSC Vote  Jefferson City, MO - Missourians for a Balanced Energy Future (MBEF) expresses sincere disappointment with the perceived bailout for NorandaAluminum granted today by the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC). Executive Director Irl Scissors released the following statement: "To shift approximately  $80 million of one company's electric costs onto the backs of other ratepayers in Ameren's service territory is simply un…

Yes Old Dog New Tricks-DirtyEnergyDuke and Solar

Another Dirty Coal Company jumping on Clean Energy from Solar Bandwagon 'proof' that Solar Energy has been adopted as the preferred energy source of the Future.2 Universities in DC Make Deal to Buy Solar Power (abcnews) hidden in the text of the document: 'Duke Energy Renewables'
"Whats this I asked?" 
I know Duke Energy is known for #DirtyCoal... 
a quick google search on Dirty Duke Energy led me to a page that downplays the Dirty Coal aspects of Dirty Duke Energy Company and preaches clean energy aspects.  They even downright admit clean energy is best for all.Coal Company jumping on Clean Energy from Solar Bandwagon 'proof' that Solar Energy has been adopted as the preferred energy source of the Future. Scotty What I found most interesting is: "This Dirty Coal company has jumped on the #Solar bandwagon-which means that even dirtydukeenergy has realized the importance of clean energy production from non-polluting sources." Further proof th…

How climate change will impact states like Missouri-via U. S. National Climate Assessment

U. S. National Climate Assessment outlines how climate change will impact states like Missouri.  

States are taking action
Before issuing this proposal, EPA heard from states, utilities, labor unions, nongovernmental organizations, consumer groups, industry and others to learn more about what programs are already working to reduce carbon pollution.  We learned that states are leading the way– especially through programs that expand energy efficiency and renewable energy. Missouri already has programs in place that could be part of its individual or regional plan to reduce carbon pollution, including:  Energy efficiency standards or goalsDemand-side energy efficiency programs that advance energy efficiency improvements for electricity useRenewable energy portfolio standards or goals
Proposed state goals build on state leadership
To set state-specific goals, EPA analyzed the practical and affordable strategies that states and utilities are already using to lower carbon pollution from the p…

Petition For Ameren Keep NetMetering Standard as Voted on by MO Voters

Bottom Line: Ameren is attempting to sway the Missouri Government to change the laws that we the voters voted for long ago. The company boasts of making millions in profits but can't divvy up for when we connect to the grid and send our clean energy back to them-that they get to say is part their system since it counts towards their renewable energy mandate.

If Ameren UE didn't have the 4th Dirtiest Coal Burning electrical plant (#Labadie) or was making strides to fix this issue I might be a little more swayed that they can't meet the obligation.

Hell the shipping costs for them to ship the coal here from Wyoming is a million dollars and this cost was passed onto we the consumers. The simple way to reduce this million dollars to make electricity in MO that doesn't need outside dirty coal.Ameren Missouri: Continue Offering Solar Rebates On Friday, October 11th, 2013 Ameren Missouri filed paperwork with the Public Service Commision asking for permission to st…

Misleading Dirty Coal Commercials via Ameren UE

Recent commercial by AmerenUE where they say they are out for the publics best interest is total bull ___. Ameren UE is poisoning the people with pollution and stopping Clean Energy Production Rebates-Coal Pollution Causes Cancer...4th Dirtiest coal producing plant in the USA is spilling toxic pollution ...

I don't watch as much broadcast tv since the family "Cut the Cable Line" we've been using Chrome Cast and our computers to watch TV via the Internet (chrome cast transmits the signal to the tv from the computer and I watch everything for FREE.).

Luckily many of the shows we watch don't have commercials!  But every now and then a commercial sneaks in and a recent one by AmerenUE where they say they are out for the publics best interest is total bull ___. 
The simple facts are: They Have the 4th Dirtiest coal producing plant in the USA that is spilling toxic pollution all around the immediate area and then into the stratosphere where it mixes with other poll…

Why Canadian Tar Sands are the Most Environmentally Destructive Project on Earth

Our report reveals the following startling facts about the tar sands and petcoke. Petcoke in the tar sands is turning American refineries into coal factories.There is 24 percent more CO2 embedded in a barrel of tar sands bitumen than in a barrel of light oil.
15 to 30 percent of a barrel of tar sands bitumen can end up as petcoke depending on the upgrading and refining process used.
Of 134 operating U.S. refineries in 2012, 59 are equipped to produce petcoke.
U.S. refineries produced more than 61.5 million tons of petcoke in 2011—enough to fuel 50 average U.S. coal plants each year.
In 2011, more than 60 percent of U.S petcoke production was exported.
Keystone XL will fuel five coal plants and thus emit 13 percent more CO2 than the U.S. State Department has previously considered.
Nine of the refineries close to the southern terminus of Keystone XL have nearly 30 percent of U.S. petcoke production capacity, over 50,000 tons a day.
The petcoke produced from the Keystone XL pipeline would fuel …