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Energy Lessons from Dubai

Dubai Chamber saves Dh5.5m in power costs

Mar. 25, 2011 -- DUBAI -- The Arab World's first green building, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry building, has successfully saved about Dh5.5 million in electricity costs within a period of 10 years. This has been achieved through conservation measures in their head office alone and aims to inspire others to follow the path to a sustainable future this Earth Hour and beyond.

"Earth Hour itself does not really save Dubai Chamber anything as we turn off our lighting and air-conditioning each evening anyway, and have done so for over a decade. This one simple practice has saved us thousands of dirhams in costs each year and reduced our carbon emissions significantly," said Annalies Hodge, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of Dubai Chamber of Commerce. Air-conditioners and lighting together take up about 80 per cent of electricity consumption, so residents and businesses are advised to reduce their usage whenever pos…