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StLouis White TPO Roof Project CAD Detail

CAD Detail No: 9821 White TPO Flat Roof Replacement Detail using Structodeck.

Eco Friendly White TPO Roof Job Site Project Photos bottom of page
I've found that making a simple and quick graphic image to use as a visual tool to explain a building system repair to a client is easier when I provide a "non technical" image of the proposed work to be done.Why GAF EverGuard® TPO Outperforms standard TPO in heat aging and UV tests—the best predictors of TPO performance
- Independent TPO Study proves EverGuard® TPO 60 mil Membrane is the best standard TPO in accelerated aging. View the key findings and full study here.
- After accelerated heat aging at 275°F (135°C) for 112 days, EverGuard® TPO showed no cracking—while every one of the competitors’ samples had failed!
- UV testing—Greater than 2.5 times the industry standard (ASTM D6878 weather resistance test) Guarantees are available up to 25 years when using EverGuard® TPO 60 mil Membrane.* Easier to install due to:
- Large …

Home Fire Repair and Remodel

The following photos are images from the job site, highlighting areas that the prior weatherization crews missed -when they were insulating this building.  
The missing insulation in critical areas causes greater energy needs - adding to the carbon footprint of this home.

The Hemp Insulation Solutions to Thermal Bridging

Fire repair, gut rehab- property was one of the most insulated buildings I've worked on in StLouis (that wasn't mine). The prior so called "energy experts" who installed all the insulation, missed insulting the spots most needed. In this home's lower floor is where a garage and storage rooms are located. There are two giant heat traps one of which extends thru the home to the roof area- the chimney & The other heat sink is the metal post and beam system that supports the second floor;floor. Heat and cold transfer thru denser materials faster and more efficiently that a porous substance. All the second floor boards are supported by this heat s…

Green Build Bar Build Notes Suggestions Annotations

I am going to mention ideas and suggestions on ways that will reduce your monthly bills in utility savings by incorporating the following examples into the Green Design of your building.  My suggestions will include: PV Solar Electric, Solar Water Heating, and Energy Conservation.  
The greatest use of your investment dollars will come by installing Insulation in the various parts of your building.
As a general rule it is cheaper to save energy than it is to create energy.  
It does not matter if this is in gas or electric. Basically: If you can save it you don’t have to make it.
The Department of Energy suggests for our region various levels of insulation Ceiling: R38 - R60 Walls: R13 -R19 Floor: R25 - R30 

Examples of where to insulate. 1. In unfinished attic spaces, insulate between and over the floor joists to seal off living spaces below. If the air distribution is in the attic space, then consider insulating the rafters to move the distribution into the conditione…

Design Build Loft CAD designs with Build Notes

Design Build Energy Efficient Loft Home Design CAD drawings and Build Notes for Brick Home LEED Rated Project: Exposed Brick Interior Walls- Soulard Red Mortar 2nd Floor Loft Railings will reflect the design chosen for the finishes- Modern, Rustic, Traditional, etc. Fireplace, Mantle, Smoke Stack- Final Design chosen to match existing finishings and the exposed brick walls. 3 Bedroom Master Bed w/Bath ea floor 2 Full Bath, 2-1/2 bath, Open Floor Plan-Kitchen, Utility Room, Dining, Great Room, 1st Floor Sun Room/Study, 2nd Floor Office/Spare Bedroom, 2nd Floor Deck,