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CAD Solar SketchUp Design Layout For Shading Issues

I use a CAD program for optimum Solar Panel Layout for the challenging buildings in the StLouis Region. This allows me to remove the Panels that are affected by Shading Issues. I then Place the CAD drawing onto a Google Earth Location and can provide a Clean Energy Output Report based on the location in relation to the Suns Position on the Location.

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CAD Detail of Garage Footing Under Construction

This CAD Drawing by Scotty-Scotts Contracting outlines how I feel a Garage Footing and Foundation Should be built.  Note: Additional Rebar for Support and Strength, True Brick Ledge, and Keyway all add strength to the Foundation.  Not the Bare minimum that I was asked to build- in the Second Photo.   "If you want a building to stand up to the test of time how intelligent of choice is it to: skimp on $200 Worth of Materials & $300 worth of Labor?"

I was hired on to build a Garage Foundation and Footing Detail of Building to this bare minimum design. See Below

Misc Google Sketch Up Porch Designs by Scotts Contracting

Scotts Contracting Front Porch CAD Designs

CAD Front Porch Designs by Scotty