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Design-Build ADA Wheelchair Ramp-

ADA Compliant-Residential Wheelchair Lift and Ramp CAD Designs with Before Photos and Build Notes

My current project has a couple of phases of projects.  The first exterior project is adding wheelchair access to the front of this property located in #StLouis, MO. 

After pricing a few of the electric wheel chair and stair lifts on the market, I found the prices start at $2,500 to $6,000-(each system has benefits and drawbacks).  Unfortunately, I learned that the costs of automatic systems are more than this clients budget can allow.  The clients eyes lit-up when I mentioned that we can build a ramp that will save him money and work within his budget.

To build a proper ADA complaint Wheel Chair Ramp I looked up the Specs and learned:

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides Wheelchair Ramp Specification and access guidelines that most business are required to meet. Most residential applications do not need to meet ADA guidelines, but they are a good reference point for recommende…