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Home Energy Calculators

Finally a home energy meter that is easy to use. If you are seeking efforts to cut your energy use-age. TheMicro Soft hohm energy metercan aid in reducing your energy use-age. Dear Hohm user:Here at Microsoft Hohm, we listened when you asked for a more immediate way to monitor and manage your home energy use. And today, we have great news: we're thrilled to announce that the Hohm-compatible PowerCost Monitor™ WiFi from Blue Line is now available!Blue Line's PowerCost Monitor WiFi is a portable, wireless device that's easy to install (no electrician required!) and easy to use. It wirelessly sends your near real-time energy use to Hohm, providing you with more detailed energy use information than your monthly utility bill. You can view and track changes in energy use almost instantly, discovering potential energy waste in your home and areas where you can save. With Hohm and the PowerCos…

Our Sorry Ass Politicians and Renewable Energy Policy

I've been secretly hoping our chosen leaders were directing our Nations Energy Policy in the right direction. When I read articles such as this one I get T-d off. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!! If you need help finding your legislators I'll be glad to assist. email me
Why We Advocate July 29, 2010
An anecdote, to start with… A colleague, on a recent visit to Washington DC, found himself in conversation with a recently retired, well-known and -respected U.S. senator. He took the opportunity to ask him what it would take for a congressman to vote for an issue that he knew in his heart was right for the country and the planet, irrespective of partisan attachments and personal considerations. The retired senator (whom, in order not to betray a trust, we will not name, but who is known as a strong supporter of energy independence) replied that only when the congressman no longer needed an influx of money, e.g., after he had decided not to run for office again, might t…

Politics and Climate Change July News

Hot enough for you?

It's not hot enough for our Senators, clearly. Record-breaking temperatures around the country and around the globe didn't cause any groundswell of support for climate legislation in the Senate last week, when our leaders simply decided any actual effort to cut carbon in the atmosphere was not worth the effort.After years of work from many of our colleagues in the progressive community, they didn't even bother to vote down a cap on Carbon--senators simply refused to even consider it. It wasn't a perfect bill by any means--in fact, it was deeply compromised. But the Senate didn't reject it because they wanted something stronger, they rejected it because they simply didn't feel any pressure to act on global warming -- Even after the warmest six months ever recorded.So your senators need to hear from you this August recess. If they're in your community for some event, the…

NASAs Climate Change Prediction

How Much More Will Earth Warm?To further explore the causes and effects of global warming and to predict future warming, scientists build climate models—computer simulations of the climate system. Climate models are designed to simulate the responses and interactions of the oceans and atmosphere, and to account for changes to the land surface, both natural and human-induced. They comply with fundamental laws of physics—conservation of energy, mass, and momentum—and account for dozens of factors that influence Earth's climate.Though the models are complicated, rigorous tests with real-world data hone them into powerful tools that allow scientists to explore our understanding of climate in ways not otherwise possible. By experimenting with the models—removing greenhouse gases emitted by the burning of fossil fuels or changing the intensity of the Sun to see how each influences the climate—scientists use the models to better understand Earth's current climate and to…

RealClimate- Report from Climate Scientist

Start hereFiled under: Climate ScienceFAQIPCC — group @ 22 May 2007 - () () We've often been asked to provide a one stop link for resources that people can use to get up to speed on the issue of climate change, and so here is a first cut. Unlike our other postings, we'll amend this as we discover or are pointed to new resources. Different people have different needs and so we will group resources according to the level people start at. For complete beginners:NCAR: Weather and climate basics
Oxford University: The basics of climate prediction
Pew Center: Global Warming basics
Wikipedia: Global Warming
NASA: Global Warming update
National Academy of Science: Understanding and Responding to Climate Change
Encyclopedia of Earth: Climate Change Collection
Global Warming FAQ (Tom Rees)
Global Warming: Man or Myth? (Scott Mandia, SUNY Suffolk)There is a new booklet on Climate Literacy from multiple agencies (NOAA, NSF, AAAS) available here (pdf).Those with some knowledge:The IPC…

The Discovery of Global Warming

The Discovery of Global Warming                     July 2009
A hypertext history of how scientists came to (partly) understand what people are doing to cause climate change.This Website created by Spencer Weart supplements his much shorter book, which tells the history of climate change research as a single story. On this Website you will find a more complete history in dozens of essays on separate topics, occasionally updated.If you want basic facts about climate change, or detailed current technical information, you might do better using the links page. But if you want to use history to really understand it all...
Second edition, revised
and updated (2008)
A GOOD PLACE TO START is the Summary of the history of climate change science.For a scholarly preface, look at Methodology and Sources. If you are…

A Balanced View: Climate Scientists in the Press

As project managers, we often find ourselves at the fulcrum of decisions in which we must take diverse viewpoints into account and make key project decisions, sometimes in the 'heat of battle'.For example, does this sound familiar?Quality Engineer: "We need 5 weeks to do this verification test!"Product Manager: "They can do that testing in 2 weeks."Quality Engineer: "Actually, now it looks like we need 6 weeks!"Product Manager: "Let's skip that test altogether, it adds no value!"So you know this to be true.  We constantly have to make our best judgments based on what we hear, what we benchmark, and we always try to base decisions on facts and not emotion.  That is 'the way' for a good PM to work.A few months ago, the press was pretty bad for climate scientists.  From what you were hearing, it sounded like they made up the whole of climate change.  They were fudging results, sending fake emails, and if you believed s…

Oil and US Politics-Following the Oil Money

Following the Oil Money: How 'Slick' are Your Representatives? I recently wrote a post about the BP Republicans in Congress. Those are the no-brainers like Joe Barton who apologized to the now infamous oil (spilling) company because President Obama took some semblance of leadership on the issue by forcing BP to set aside billions for the relief effort. The actual list of BP Republicans was put together by the Democratic National Committee and I took a lot of guff for harboring "one-sided," "partisan" and [insert other buzzword] politics. Now while I regret no part of the word-lashing we gave these frankly out-of-touch and steeped-in-oil-money Republicans (Joe Barton is the leading beneficiary of oil money in the 111th House of Representatives), those who admonished me are not wrong, either.Obviously, the DNC is not an impartial source of information, and while Barton and the BP Republicans are, in my opinion, fools, at least they had the wherewit…

New Study Shows- Solar power is cheaper than nuclear

The Holy Grail of the solar industry — reaching grid parity — may no longer be a distant dream. Solar may have already reached that point, at least when compared to nuclear power, according to a new study by two researchers at Duke University.It's no secret that the cost of producing photovoltaic cells (PV) has been dropping for years. A PV system today costs just 50 percent of what it did in 1998. Breakthroughs in technology and manufacturing combined with an increase in demand and production have caused the price of solar power to decline steadily. At the same time, estimated costs for building new nuclear power plants have ballooned.The result of these trends: "In the past year, the lines have crossed in North Carolina," say study authors John Blackburn and Sam Cunningham. "Electricity from new solar installations is now cheaper than electricity from proposed new nuclear plants."If the data analysis is correct, the pricing would represent the &q…

FORM 2010-Guest Post

Guest Post: Form 2010 FORM 2010 is the first installment of an annual contemporary furniture, functional object and architectural design show in Saint Louis, MO. Presented by The Luminary Center for the Arts, the two-day event will bring together some of the best designers and firms from around the country on August 13-14, with a focus on sustainable design. FORM is one of the the first events of its kind in the area and is a developing platform for the cultivation of contemporary design. FORM is a fundraiser for The Luminary Center for the Arts, a nonprofit artist resourcing organization that that seeks to provide meaningful support to emerging artists, audiences and appreciators in the St. Louis area. Proceeds from FORM will benefit an innovative new artist equipment library at The Luminary, which will provide area artists and creative professionals with access to specialized equipment such as a woodshop, media lab, film and video equipment, and large…

Green Build-Business Referrals

Scotts Contracting- latest Green Build Web Promotions includes: While working for a Business I will document the work done with photos/video of my Crew Doing the Actual Work and post them to my web pages, associate links and other business advertising mediums. I will list Your Business Name, Web Site, Contact Links, Tag Lines, etc. Advertisements will be Custom Tailored for your Business. I will enable a Dual Promotion that entails: Promotion for your Business while promoting my Green Build Services. We will custom tailor your Business in the Promo. The advertising campaign can be viewed at be FREE- $500 Value. Our Business will Gain extra exposure to our web sites by Promoting Web Site content with services such as: linkedin, stumble upon, digg, delicious, friendster, etc. What this does- is create back-links for Internet Search Engines ie: useful back-links create higher Searc…

Generating Electricity with Your Toilet

Waste Not Want Not with DMU Student's Electric Idea21. Jul, 2010 A graduating industrial design student at Leicester's De Montfort University (DMU) is hoping for award-winning success with his innovative design which transforms falling wastewater into electricity.DMU Industrial design student, Tom Broadbent's money and energy-saving brainwave is called the HighDro Power and works by harnessing the energy from falling waste water in the soil pipes of high-rise buildings, converting it to electricity through an ingenious device.As well as having developed a potentially commercially viable product, Tom is waiting to hear whether he will win accolades from the Institute of Engineering Designers (IED) and the Dyson Awards. He is also entering the Kevin McCloud Green Heroes award to win the opportunity to show HighDro Power at the NEC's Grand Designs Live show. The invention was developed in answer to targets set at …

Green and Eco Friendly Wine Guide

Green Wine Guide: Solar-Powered Wine from Jacuzzi Vineyards and Cline CellarsJacuzzi Vineyards and Cline Cellars go beyond organic with 100-percent solar power and a flock of sheep to do their weeding. By Jerry James Stone | Mon Jul 19, 2010 02:40
A Jacuzzi white for those hot summer days
Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

While the name Jacuzzi is better known for its spa and hot tub fame, the family itself has a long history of innovation. They first made their mark with the construction of the very first enclosed-cabin monoplane during the 1900s. In 1925 they revolutionized California's orange grove industry (and the agricultural industry, for that matter) by creating the first submersible pump. From there it was just a hop, skip and a soak to the hydrotherapy tub...and then of course, hot tubs in the 1960s!And Fred Cline, owner of Jacuzzi Family Vineyards and Cline Cellars, is an apple that doesn't fall from the tree. Cline started Cline Ce…

Do-It-Yourself Energy Audit

Do-It-Yourself Energy Audit: Go On, Try These Improvements Yourself! Whether you Do-It-Yourself or choose to hire outside assistance, Build Green and do your part in reducing the US Oil Dependency- while becoming an Energy Wise User of Electricity! If you find outside Assistance is needed-Scotts Contracting if available to Help. Scotty will provide a Cost Effective solution to your Home or Business Energy Needs. Click Here to Email Scotty for a No-Cost Free Green Site Inspection What is a Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit As a homeowner you can easily perform your own home energy audit as there are many improvements that thousands and thousands of Americans have made in their homes to save energy. Below we have compiled a list of the critical areas in your home for you to inspect and take action on to fix in order to save energy. All of these suggestions require you to walk around your home and see how your home stacks up, then make the appropriate small home improvement. D-I-Y…