Natural Swimming Pool Design Information

Natural Swimming Pool 

Natural Swimming Pool design by scotty

Plan View Natural Swimming Pool Design with Fish Habitat and Jacuzzi, Handicap Access Ramp, Fountain, Aquatic Plant Habitat, Pump House 

CAD by Scotty-Natural Swimming Pool Design

While creating the Families future Hemp Home.  The Girls all pointed out that they needed a Swimming Pool.
This honestly didn't cross my mind as I planned to locate the Hemp Home in a rural location that bordered on a lake or natural spring.

        Why would we need a swimming pool?

        Do they know how much energy a swimming pool uses?  We have to put up more Solar Panels to cover the electricity use.

I mentioned, "Is a traditional chlorine pool the best option?",

Natural Swimming Pool Design with Fish Habitat and Jacuzzi, Handicap Access Ramp, Fountain, Aquatic Plant Habitat, Pump House
Natural Swimming Pool Design with Fish Habitat and Jacuzzi, Handicap Access Ramp, Fountain, Aquatic Plant Habitat, Pump House 
"Have you looked at any Natural Swimming Pools?"

Quickly answered by: "We're not swimming in no green pool !!!"

Luckily google[1] came thru and found a slew of images on Natural Swimming Pool Images

Natural Swimming Pool

Disaster averted!!! 

The Girls love the designs and when I mentioned that it won't turn their hair yellow and dry their skin out--the unanimous mutual agreement was:

"Yes Build It !!!- Scotty"

So here are some of the suggested techniques for building a Natural Swimming Pool as used in the following Natural Swimming Pool Designs by Scotty

Design Information

  • Reserving at least 50 percent of your pool's surface area for shallow plants, either at one end or in a ring around the sides, eliminates the need for chlorine and expensive filters and pumps. You'll want to separate the swimming area of your pool and the filtration area, or plant zone (see the illustration in the image gallery).

  • The water needs to circulate continuously for the plants' roots to cleanse the pool. You also may need to aerate the water so the water organisms' oxygen needs are met.

Without adequate oxygen, your pool could become stagnant, harboring odoriferous anaerobic bacteria.

  • Besides cleaning the water and making your pool beautiful to behold, the shallow plant zone warms the water quickly and provides habitat for frogs and many invertebrates. They'll appreciate the shallow water for breeding grounds and repay the favor by eating mosquito larvae.

  • A rim within an inch of the water's surface keeps plants in their place but allows water from the swimming area to move to the plant zone for filtering, As water passes through the fibrous root structure of the plants, bacteria concentrated on the plants' roots act as a biological filter, removing contaminants and excess nutrients in the water. Decomposer organisms, also found in the plants' root zones, consume the bacteria, effectively eliminating underwater waste buildup.

  • Inside the plant zone, the water should get steadily deeper, reaching a maximum depth of 18 inches near the swimming zone. The outermost 6 inches of the plant zone will be 2 to 3 inches deep, providing a home for taller aquatic plants. Submergent and floating vegetation occupy the deeper area.[2][3][4][5][6][7] pics

Aerator Fountain Feature

Top View

Pool View from Patio Home

For More Information Contact Scotty
[1] 2011. Natural Pools or Swimming Ponds - Inspiration Green. http://www.inspirationgreen.com/natural-pools-swimming-ponds.html.

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